Deviated Nasal Septum Operation

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There are many people in the world, who have deviated nasal septum disorder and when they have light deviation, they need no deviated nasal septum operation for their problem. This troubles a person, when he grows and continues to provide various problems to him. There are symptoms for deviated nasal septum, when the problem becomes serious. Generally, there may not be symptoms for patients, when they have only a small deviation of nasal septum.

There are many reasons for this nose septum disorder. Some people have deviated nasal septum by birth. This occurs, when the nose of the child is pressed heavily. Blow in the face is another reason for deviated nasal septum. When the nose receives a punch with pressure, the nasal septum is affected. In some cases, the nasal passage is blocked and one side of the nose has narrow passage for the inflow of air.

This is a serious problem for the patient and he starts to suffer from breathing and at times, with bleeding. In the initial stage, there may be severe headache and uneasiness with regular breathing style. Heavy breathing becomes essential for persons, who have deviated nasal septum. They have to check with their ENT specialist to check whether they have substantially narrowed passage or not. If the deviation is not serious, the physician would prescribe drugs and special nasal drops to control the pain. Antibiotics are also used to reduce the infection and to avoid further infection.

When these medications are not responding, then, they go for deviated nasal septum operation. Generally, the surgical procedure is considered as the last source of treatment. In many cases, patients get relief from their pain and they can avoid surgery, which means that their nasal passage is not seriously affected. In some cases, the septoplasty becomes essential for the patients. Two types of procedures are followed by surgeons for septoplasty operation.

The first one is the traditional procedure, which takes longer duration for the operation. The second type of procedure is familiar with all surgeons and they prefer this procedure, since there are many advantages with this type of surgery. This procedure is known as minimal invasive powered surgery for septoplasty. Science and technology development is helping people to have advanced way of treatments.

In this surgical procedure, the instrument, mircrodubrider is used. This instrument has a small edge, with rotating facility. This instrument is very useful in performing deviated nasal septum operation. When this instrument is used, the operation is done faster and effectively. Further, surgeons have more visibility, when they conduct their operation. They are able to reduce the damage of healthy tissues, when they perform the operation, since they are able to remove the damaged tissues. Repositioning the nasal septum becomes easy for surgeon, with this procedure.

Of course, this surgical procedure is expensive, compared with normal deviated nasal septum operation. There are advantages for patients also. They don’t have to stay under anesthesia for a long time. Their breathing becomes normal and they can feel the easiness, when they are breathing. The duration of operation is only about an hour and patients have to be careful with their post operation procedures. They have to follow the instructions of their surgeon, which is absolutely necessary.
It may take from four to six weeks for healing and during this period, they should not skip any medicines, which have been prescribed by the surgeon. Most of the deviated nasal septum operation procedures are very successful and only on rare occasions, the surgeries become complicated. There could be hemorrhage, which may result in bleeding in nose. After the operation, patient can feel that he is completely relieved of his nasal septum deviation problem.

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