How to Treat a Deviated Nasal Septum

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It is common to have deviated nasal septum, which is a physical disorder of the nose. Nasal septum is displaced due to various reasons. It is possible with congenital disorder; the nose is heavily pressed, during childbirth. Sometimes, people are affected with deviated nasal septum, due the force on the nose, because of the blow to the face. This deviated nasal septum disorder is related with Marfan syndrome orĀ  donlos syndrome. When people have this problem, they should take immediate medical treatment. Different deviated nasal septum treatment procedures are there for them.

The nasal cavity is separated by the nasal septum, which has bone and cartilage. Generally, it is in the centre and the nasal passages are equal and similar. When the nasal septum is deviated, it becomes for breathing, through the affected side of the nose. At times, people may suffer from heavy breathing problem, if the deviation is severe. It may create other problems also, such as, bloody nose, headache and sleeping disorders. There may not be proper drainage of the sinuses. Further, they may have snoring and sleeping apnea. They need to undertake a minor surgical treatment, which is known as septoplasty.

Nasal drops and antibiotics may offer relief to patients and this would provide only temporary relief, that also, for a few hours. Septoplasty is one of the best deviated nasal septum treatment procedures. When a patient feels difficulty in breathing and if he feels that the nasal passage has been narrowed, he should consult his surgeon and he would discuss with him about the septoplasty surgery.
He performs the surgery to free and to make it straight. When the patient has this problem, one side of the nasal passage would be narrowed, it would affect air inflow to the lungs. It is highly essential to correct the nasal passages with septoplasty surgery procedure. When the patient is admitted for surgery, local or general anesthesia is given, according to the requirement. The surgical may be around one hour. It may take about a week to heal. In some cases, it may take about four to eight weeks also.

There are two types of septoplasty surgical treatment procedures and surgeons prefer to perform the lowest invasive powered septoplasty, which is better than the traditional septoplasty surgical procedure. In the advance technical surgical procedure, the surgeon uses the instrument, microdubrider, which does not require outside incision. This specially designed instrument has small rotating tip, which gives an edge to surgeon, who performs the procedure.

There are advantages for surgeons in this surgical procedure. They are able to view more clearly with this technique. They are able find the tissues, which have to be removed, with ease. Risks involved in this procedure are minimal, since they are able to reduce the damage to healthy tissues, nearby operating area. This procedure needs less time than the traditional surgical deviated nasal septum treatment procedure. The purpose this type of procedure is to save as much healthy tissues as possible and most of the surgeons prefer only this surgical procedure, though this procedure is expensive than the normal and traditional surgical procedure.

Many factors are involved in fixing the fee for this operation. Basically, it depends on the surgeon. Most of the experienced and highly qualified surgeons charge more and they perform their surgeries only with expensive hospitals. There are different types of operation theatres and the fee for the operation theatre is also different. When patients are able to find the best surgeon with cheap hospitals, then, the expenses would be reduced. Based on various factors, patients have to pay for their surgical deviated nasal septum treatment.

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