Surgery for Deviated Nasal Septum

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Deviation in nasal septum is not a very serious problem, if sufficient passage is available for breathing. Generally, the nasal septum should be in central of the nose and equal passages should be there. If the passage of one side is not too narrow, it may not affect the inflow of air through nasal passage. In some cases, the passage might be very narrow and it becomes very difficult for the person to breath. The patient may feel suffocation, while walking or running.

For some persons, it becomes difficult to carry on their regular activities, because of the deviated nasal septum. Other visible symptoms are also there for deviated nasal septum problem, with bloody nose. To get rid of this deviated nasal septum, sufferers should undergo deviated nasal septum surgery. The surgery becomes necessary for them, if they have serious trouble in breathing.

Different reasons are there for this disorder and for some persons, it comes by birth itself. For some people, when they are involved in accidents, this could happen. Due to blow in the face, the nasal septum gets damaged and deviated from its original position. Surgery is the only solution for them to get permanent recovery from this problem. For light deviated nasal septum, they can have normal medical treatments, such as antibiotics and nasal drops. Analgesic drugs are also given to reduce headaches. The body would respond to these treatments, if the nasal path is not seriously affected. If the person is having serious problem with nasal deviation, the medical treatment procedures would not be helpful to get relief from the nose problem.

In some cases, because of the medications, there could be some temporary relief and after a week or ten days, the same problem would be there. The final decision is taken by the surgeon after all medications. The surgical procedure is a simple one and it is not a major surgery and patients don’t have to fear about the surgery. It may not take even many hours to complete the surgical procedure. Surgeons prefer to perform the surgery with advanced technology.

This procedure has more benefits than the regular nasal septum surgery. Patients can have better results with this type of surgery. A special surgical instrument, microdubrider is being used. This instrument is very sensitive and it has the twisted edge, which has the facility of rotating. When this instrument is used by surgeon, he is benefited in many ways. He is able to have larger vision of the spot for the surgery. This procedure reduces the damage to the healthy tissues, while removing targeted tissues.

Reconstruction of nasal septum is done by adjusting bone and cartilage of the nasal septum. This surgical procedure is very familiar with surgeons and most of the surgeons perform deviated nasal septum surgery, through this surgical procedure. The traditional surgical procedure is not expensive and many people prefer that one, since they can save money.

There are many disadvantages for patients to have the traditional surgical procedure. Basically, the operation takes longer duration and they have to be in semi unconscious state for several hours. Further, there are possibilities of removing or damaging more healthy tissues, during the surgery. In addition, it may take many weeks to heal completely. If they are aware of these facts, they would prefer only minimal invasive powered septoplasty surgery procedure to have complete relief from their deviated nasal septum disorder.
Patients should consult their surgeons before their surgery to have personal discussion and should know about the result of their surgery and should know whether the surgery would provide them permanent relief to them.

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