What is a Deviated Nasal Septum?

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Many people do not know what is a deviated nasal septum and they come to know about it, only when they feel difficulties with their breathing. Of course, there many other symptoms are also there for deviated nasal septum, such as severe headache and runny nose. At times, they may have bleeding from the nose as well. If they do not attend it, there is a possibility of further complications.

There are some temporary remedies for nasal deviation problem, if the passage of nasal is not blocked severely. The nasal septum should be positioned in the centre to provide clear passage for both sides of the nose. For some people, there would be deviation with the nasal septum, which might not affect them. Still, they may feel pain and uneasiness with breath. If they rest for a few minutes, they would become normal. They may be in need of medications, such as pain relieving drugs, nasal passage clearing nasal drops and others. These medications would be effective just to reduce the severity of pain.

Anyway, people, who have symptoms difficulty in breathing and severe headache, especially, in forehead, should consult their physician for further medical treatment, since; these are the symptoms for deviated nasal septum. When the nasal septum is not in the correct position, there would be problems in future. For some people, the deviated nasal septum affects one way or both ways of the nose and they feel very difficult to inhale normal air and they need more energy to inhale air, since the inflow is blocked by the deviated nasal septum. When they visit their surgeon, he would recommend surgery for them.

There is no risk in undergoing septoplasty surgery, in most of the cases. This is only a minor operation to reposition the nasal septum. The operation may be performed by the cosmetic surgeon or ENT surgeon. The surgical procedure is required for people, who have been suffering from severe deviated nasal septum disorder. Once the surgery is completed, there would not be any problem for them in future. Though it is a type of handicap for people, they don’t realize it, because it is not visible. Some people may have strange faces, due to deviated nasal septum and they may look abnormal. They have to undergo cosmetic surgery, along with the normal surgery for nasal deviation. Cosmetic surgery may enhance the look of the face, in total.

Two types of surgeries are performed by surgeons to correct nasal septum, depending on the desire of the patients. Traditional septoplasty is performed occasionally since most of the patients are interested with minimal invasive powered septoplasty surgery. In this surgery, there are advantages for both surgeons and patients. For surgeons, they can see the spot of operation more clearly, because of the instrument they use for the surgery. This is a special surgical instrument, which is used for septoplasty. This specially designed surgical instrument has rotating edge, which is very helpful for the surgeons. They do not have to damage healthy tissues, whereas, there are chances of more damage to healthy tissues with the traditional surgery.

This surgical procedure does not take time and could be completed, without any complications. Further, the duration of surgery is considerably reduced, since they don’t have to keep their patients with anesthetic condition for a very long time. For patients also, this procedure is very effective, since they don’t have to stay in the hospital for many days. They can become normal, just after a few hours. Of course, it may take a few weeks for them to get to normal condition, because of the time for healing.

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