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Rhinitis is a condition in which one experiences coughing, sneezing, swelling of the nasal passages, runny nose, headaches, aches in various areas of the face and there’s other more. Rhinitis is similar to sinusitis but the different of the two is that sinusitis is the swelling of the sinuses while the former is the swelling of the nasal cavities.

There are different forms of rhinitis and each differs from one another. One example of rhinitis is atopic rhinitis. This form of rhinitis is due to genetics and it can be hereditary. Atopic rhinitis or what is commonly known as hay fever is a form of allergic rhinitis which is a condition that occurs during specific times especially during pollen season which is late summer and the following months. Atopic rhinitis is the swelling of the nasal cavities and the inflammation of the sinuses which causes one to have difficulty in breathing and experience various aches throughout the facial area.

Other symptoms of atopic rhinitis are: allergic reaction, excess coughing and sneezing, runny nose, headaches, reddening of the nose and aches in the eyes, ears and nose; fatigue, and sometimes other complications. Rhinitis doesn’t have any cure but it is a treatable condition so one must not worry about it. But before treatment, one must know the common factors that cause atopic rhinitis.

As discuss earlier, atopic rhinitis is genetically passed down from member to member. The severity of the condition will differ but the symptoms and the treatment is still the same. A major factor that can cause atopic rhinitis is an allergic reaction. The number one cause of this is pollen. When your nose becomes irritated with pollen then your nose will become irritated and soon be inflamed which is why you develop atopic rhinitis. There is no way to avoid such event so prevention is the number one way to battle such dilemma.

Another cause of atopic rhinitis is being allergic to animal hair/fur and dropping. Cat and dog hair, hamster hair, critter dropping are just some of the common influence to this problem. That is why it is advisable that one should know what you are allergic to. If you are allergic to a specific animal, then avoidance of said creature is necessary. Although there are allergy medications available, when you avoid it in the first place then there’s no way that you will develop atopic rhinitis. Always keep a clean living environment and always check for dust, hair and dropping whenever possible. This way, it lessens your chances to develop atopic rhinitis.

In addition to this house mites are also a notorious factor why one experiences atopic rhinitis. House mite lives basically everywhere in your home. Similar to the advice when it comes to pets, it is also best to always maintain a healthy environment to avoid housing house mites. It is also a great solution to own a humidifier since they help in moistening the air that you breathe giving you a cleaner and fresher air to breathe.

When you experience atopic rhinitis frequently, it is best to consult your doctor about specific medications that you can take. Nasal sprays are always the fastest solution but frequent usage of such medications can also agitate the condition making it more prolonged that it should be. Always take nasal sprays as advised by your physician and nothing else. There are also antibiotics and saline solution that you can purchase in the drug stores which will help in your condition. Allergy medications are only used as advised by doctors, so always bring the medication with you whenever you go.

Lastly, never forget to take your annual flu shots and vaccinations to keep your body updated to help fight these viruses, bacteria or infection. Eat healthy and always remember to exercise regularly. Avoid contamination and always limit your exposure to other people as well.

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