Allergies and Rhinitis

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There are some diseases, which are contagious, but allergies and rhinitis are not contagious and people do not have to worry about the problem. Generally, allergies are quite common for all people and even dust can create allergy to a person. In this present situation, there is no pure air or water for people. The air is highly polluted and the water is contaminated. As long as there is resistance power in the body, people are not affected by allergies and rhinitis. When the resistance power of body reduces, they suffer from allergies and rhinitis.

As long as the air is polluted, there is no end for allergies. The allergic rhinitis is also known as hey fever, which is an allergic nasal passage inflammation. When a person inhales an allergen, he starts to suffer from allergies and rhinitis. When the allergen enters the body, through inhaling, it starts to increase the production of antibody immunoglobulin. The person has watery eyes, itching and at times, swelling. The inflammation of the nasal passage develops increased production of mucus.

In some cases, there may be rashes as well. There are other reasons also for allergies and rhinitis. Using chemicals, such as chlorine, detergents, perfumes, may aggravate allergic rhinitis. When people feel different symptoms, they should stop using soaps, creams, detergents and perfumes. Though, hey fever is not a serious one, it is considered as one of the diseases and special attention should be paid to cure it. Two types of allergies and rhinitis are there and the first type is seasonal, which may occur according to seasons. Most of the children have this allergic rhinitis, during pollen season. The other type of allergic rhinitis is known as perennial allergic rhinitis. Both these attacks only children, when they are very young.

There are specific symptoms for this disease. Patients, who are suffering from allergic rhinitis, may have excess nasal secretion. They may have itchy feeling and may feel difficulties in breathing. This is due to nasal passage congestion. When the nasal passage is blocked, they feel uneasiness and heavy breathing. In some cases, patients may have eyelid swelling and swollen nasal turbinate. In rare cases, ears also are affected and they start to lose hearing and they may have to listen very deep to hear. The above symptoms are just a few and there are many other symptoms as well. It depends on the individual patients and the same treatment cannot be given to all patients, who have allergies and rhinitis.

Generally, women are affected by allergies and rhinitis. They use different types of soaps, shampoos, perfumes, detergents, hair dye products to beautify them. They just think that they are beautifying them and the fact is that they are ruining their health. They should avoid products, which have been produced with chemicals. They may opt for natural beauty products, if they are really interested. When they are severely affected by allergies, they have to consult their physician, immediately, to have medical treatment. For allergic problems, there are different types of medication systems for patients.

Many people prefer to have natural treatment since they are already affected by chemical products. When people have severe rhinitis, they have to be careful with their treatment. If they have rhinitis due to general causes, it is possible to have medical treatment for curing the disease. If people are suffering from rhinitis, because of nasal deviation; then, they need surgical treatment. When nasal septum is bent, it will be difficult for people to breath and they have nasal obstruction, which may develop other complications. Once the root cause is diagnosed, surgeons would decide about his surgical procedure.

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