Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

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Chronic rhinitis or what is commonly known as allergic rhinitis is a condition in which your nasal cavities becomes inflamed and irritated which is usually caused by exposure to different allergens. Allergens are what cause your allergic reaction. Different people are allergic to a lot of stuff; it is imminent that one must know what causes your allergies so you can avoid them in the first place. A large percent of the population experience allergic rhinitis and it is very common so there is no cause to be alarmed. There are a number of treatments that you can do at the convenience of your home or you can purchase various medications available in the drug store to help you with chronic rhinitis treatment.

Some symptoms of chronic rhinitis are: nasal dripping or having a runny nose, coughing, itching in the nose region as well as the eyes, sore throat, phlegm, congestion and difficulty in breathing, constant sneezing and other annoying symptoms. Some of these can disrupt your daily activity at home, school or work which is why treating it early as soon as signs show up is advisable.

What can you do and what are the available chronic rhinitis treatments?

Medications – over the counter drugs like decongestants, antibiotics, pain killers and anti allergy medications are available in your local drug stores so there wouldn’t be a problem in purchasing those. Although there are some medications that need the prescription of your physician, most of the drugs that you need can be easily bought. Decongestants are very effective in helping de-clogging and easing the swelling of your nasal cavities. Antibiotics are effective in treating virus and bacteria that may have caused the irritation. Pain killers are useful in providing relief with the various aches that you feel although you may opt out in using those as some pain killers are very addictive. Anti allergies medications are very important but as stated earlier, it is best to know on what allergen you are allergic to avoid contamination and exposure in the first place.

Humidifier – these machines are very effective in keeping the air in your home clean and fresh which lessens the exposure of dust and other elements that can irritate your nasal passageway. It is important to always clean your humidifier and change the filters to lessen the chances of housing bacteria and molds. The moist and cleanliness of the air will reduce the congestion you are feeling. If you don’t want to purchase a humidifier, an alternative solution is taking a warm bath or inhaling steam from a basin to help with your tightened nasal cavities.

Fluid – tea and warm beverages will help in providing ease and comfort especially if you are experiencing pressure and congestion. Avoid caffeinated drink such as black tea and coffee since they always worsen the symptoms that are already present. Drink plenty of fluids to help loosening up the mucus buildup in your nose. Drink more than 8 or 10 glasses of fluids daily.

Avoidance is the cure – that is a true fact. In order to lessen contamination or irritation, avoid the allergen in the first place. Lay away from places that are heavy with dust, smoke, fumes from vehicles or building, lessen the use of hair products, use a mask whenever you are using cleaning solutions or inhalation of strong odor solutions.

Keep a healthy home – with that stated, always practice in maintaining a clean and dust free home. There are a number of things you can do and use to achieve such goal.

Remember that keeping a healthy living environment, eating the right kind of food and doing exercise regularly are best to avoid getting rhinitis. In addition to that, frequent visit to your physician and getting up to date virus and flu shots also does the trick.

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