How to Treat Chronic Rhinitis

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Rhinitis is a condition described as the inflammation of the nasal cavities whenever it is triggered by various allergens. There are two types or rhinitis: allergic rhinitis and non allergic rhinitis. Rhinitis is a condition that is treatable although there is no cure for it yet. 20% of the population experience rhinitis all year round, 2 -3 times a year per person, but it is non leather and it only last 2-3 weeks.

Chronic rhinitis falls under the allergic rhinitis category since it is mostly triggered by an allergic reaction to a specific allergen. The most common allergic rhinitis is hay fever although this is seasonal since hay fever is mostly triggered by pollen. Pollen season are in late springs. Another type of allergic rhinitis is when you are sensitive or allergic to dust, animal dander or house and bed mites.

What are the various symptoms that one must take notice to figure if you are experiencing chronic rhinitis? Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Allergic reaction
  • Redness of the eyes and nose
  • Constant nasal dislodge
  • Facial aches
  • Sometimes, loss of hearing and other senses

There are various chronic rhinitis treatment available, whether it is through form of medication or various home remedies and treatment. Some of the effective chronic rhinitis treatments are:

Steam – steam is very effective in helping one to relieve the pain of chronic rhinitis. What one can do to use steam is through taking a warm bath, twice or thrice a day, and inhaling the steam. This method helps relieve a person from facial aches and other body aches. Steam is also effective in loosening the exceed mucus production in your nose plus this method relieves the pressure in the nose area.

Decongestant – Decongestants are effective for giving comfort against mucus production. Decongestants are also helpful with the other symptoms like the tightening of your nasal cavities which will help you breathe easier.

Antihistamines/anti allergic medication – since you produce histamines more when you have rhinitis, it is best to take antihistamines and other anti-allergic medications available. First thing that one must do is cure the allergic reaction and everything else will follow.

Fluid – the more fluid you consume per day, the more comfort one may feel. Fluid helps in softening the mucus and increases the chance of secretion more. Avoid caffeinated drinks like black tea and coffee since it will only worsen the condition as it is.

Humidifier – it is important that one must maintain a clean living environment and keep the air surrounding your home moist. Humidifiers are great machines to install in your house, they are cheap and easy to install. Always remember to clean the device whenever possible to lessen the chances of housing molds in the device.

Warm compress – since one will feel aches and pains, it is important that you have a warm compress readily available. Place the warm compress in the areas where you feel the pain to provide instant comfort. You can do this whenever you want.

With the listed treatment above, probably the best solution to avoid chronic rhinitis is to avoid the allergens that you are allergic to. That way, you don’t have to experience an allergic reaction in the first place and it will no longer lead to rhinitis. Rhinitis mostly remains 2-3 weeks, if you experience rhinitis longer, then it is advisable that you consult your doctor and get proper treatment. It is safe to do home remedies but prolonged symptoms and conditions are something to be aware about. Your physician can properly diagnose the situation and can give you proper care and treatment to treat the condition.

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