Perennial Allergic Rhinitis

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People with sensitive immune system when come in contact with an allergen like pollen , dust or animal dander experience an allergic inflammation , this is called a allergic rhinitis and is also known as poll enosis and hay fever. Allergic rhinitis can be divides into two categories seasonal and perennial.


The type of allergic rhinitis that occurs throughout the year is known as perennial allergic rhinitis. This is experienced when the person comes in contact with pet dander, dust and household mites, cockroaches and a mold growing on walls etc. and it is usually seen in children.

The allergic reaction can be transformed from generation to generation. To prevent  perennial allergic reactions always remember to cover your pillows and mattress with a dust mite cover , avoid carpeting in your home  , keep away from pets especially furry pets  , try using an air purifier if you can  afford one and wash your toys ( stuffed toys ) in hot water once a week.


The signs of allergic  rhinitis  include stuffy  and runny nose  , sneezing  , post nasal drip , red itchy eyes ,swollen eyelids , itching on the face (some times on  mouth , throat , ears  and face) , sore throat  , dry cough , headache , loss of hearing , loss of smell , loss of taste, fatigue  and dark circles  under the eyes.

The human body has been programmed to fight against any kind of harmful substances like bacteria and different types of viruses. Some people are sensitive and their immunity system some times over responds to the harmful substances. This is actually that happens in the case of perennial allergic rhinitis.


To diagnose perennial allergic rhinitis   a doctor follows a session that include questions like: if u own a pet, what changes you may have made to your diet , what situations make your conditions more sensitive and what other kind of medication are you undergoing. Your doctor may also perform a separate physical exam that mainly include two kind of test starch test (in which a portion of skin is exposed to pollen or any other allergic material and is observed for 20min in order to see what allergic reaction appears) and skin test to see what kind of materials the person may be allergic to.


If one suffers from perennial allergic rhinitis then the medication course becomes recommended to daily.

Decongestants, leukotreine modifiers, cromolyn sodium (nasalcrom) nasal atropine , antihistamine eye drops  are all the kinds of medicine that can be used to avoid the problems of allergic rhinitis.


Allergy shots may be recommended but only to people of age 7 and older when they have severe allergic reactions.

Natural mean are always reliable and effective for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. The herbs strengthen the body while they end up with no side effects. Some of the herbs that can be used for the cure of allergic rhinitis are


It has been used to cure asthma, bronchitis and to reduce mucus for a long time. And a study showed that it was able to cure perennial allergic rhinitis effects as effectively as any other medicine.


It has been included in medicines for the cure of allergic rhinitis for a long time and has yet been successful in the cure but it cannot be stated that it cures allergic rhinitis alone.

Stinging nettle:

Stinging nettle has been used for the medication of allergic rhinitis a lot of times but it is recommended that the user understands his body condition before attempting to use this as his medicine and it should always be advised by the physician.

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