Rhinitis and Coughs

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Rhinitis is a condition one encounters when you have a runny or stuffy nose. Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal cavities due to bacteria, virus or infection. When a person has rhinitis, increased amount of mucus production which is why you have a runny nose. Rhinitis can be caused by a lot of factors, there is no cure for rhinitis but it is very treatable. Rhinitis is very different from sinusitis. Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal passages while sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus or the cavities in the head where air passes. The two are very similar to each other which is why diagnosis is sometimes biased but there are signs that can clearly differ the two. The period of time a person experience both rhinitis and sinusitis can differ but if you experience it in prolonged period of time, you need medical help already. The least amount of time that one experience rhinitis is 3 weeks the most but when it is chronic it will last more than 3 weeks.

Yearly, a huge number of people experience rhinitis. It differs from people to people basically because of the elements that caused such condition and the living environment of each person. Rhinitis accompanied by coughs is very inconvenient because it can disrupt your daily activities whether you are at home, in the office, in school or any public place.

Common causes of rhinitis and cough:

Temperamental weather – when the weather changes more often that it should be, our bodies doesn’t adapt as fast as it should especially when one has a poor stamina and health. Be careful during the seasonal change since both extreme heat and cold can alter our system and cause various problems like rhinitis and cough.

Virus, infection, and bacteria – when one catches a virus or bacteria, it will often lead to serious ailments. If you are not healthy enough to fight these causes, in time you will get an infection. Your nose is sensitive especially with the air that we breathe. When your nose is inflamed, your body will experience a harder time to “clean” the air that you breathe which is why it is advisable that one practice good hygiene all the time.

Polluted air – this is caused by fumes from vehicles, pollen season, smoke from cigarettes and tobacco, chemicals (especially cleaning solutions), hairspray and various hair products, and many more. Avoid public places that is heavy with these factors to avoid being in contact with polluted air and avoid irritating your nasal cavities entirely.

Side effect for various medications – there are a number of medications that do cause rhinitis and cough. If you are taking any medications wherein you encounter rhinitis and cough, it is best to advice your doctor or physician so they can recommend a different prescription for you if it is available.

Stress and poor health – there are certain food types that can irritate our nasal passageway; these are mostly spicy and hot food or any food that can cause you allergies. Plus if you don’t exercise regularly or eat the proper type of food, your body doesn’t get the proper nourishment that it should be leading to poor metabolism and health. When that happens, your body doesn’t have the proper protection against virus, bacteria and or infection which is why one can be very susceptible to experiencing rhinitis and cough.

There are various ways to treat rhinitis and cough both medications and preventions that you can do. Ask for your doctor what you can use but the most common medications are nasal sprays and decongestants which helps in de-clogging your nose and they help best with lessening the swelling of your nasal cavities. There are also medications that can help with infections and bacteria such as antibiotics. These are very safe to take and you won’t experience any side effects taking them. But it is believed that the best way to treat rhinitis and cold is avoidance. If you are aware that someone has rhinitis or cough, it is best to stay away to avoid catching it yourself. When you avoid elements that can cause rhinitis and cough, it lessens your chance to encounter it. Remember the precautions and look for the signs, treat it as early as possible.

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