Types of Rhinitis

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Rhinitis is an air borne irritant reaction that ends up in the thickening of the inner nasal cavity with blood vessels. The person suffering from rhinitis may or may not be exposed to running nose and in severe conditions surgery may be required to remove the blockage. It is a very common problem.


It is very important to be able to distinguish between the different types of rhinitis. Patient or not a patient one must know the types of rhinitis so that in case of an emergency they might know how to react. It is advised that the medication for rhinitis should be taken under proper supervision of the physician. The types of rhinitis are as following:

1. Allergic rhinitis:

the rhinitis caused by the outdoor allergens like pollen , mold spores etc. the allergic rhinitis is further divided into two more types that are as :

2. Seasonal allergic rhinitis:

Occurs mostly during pollen season and is not experienced by the patient year round.

3. Perennial allergic rhinitis:

The type rhinitis that is to be faced by the patient year round is perennial allergic rhinitis.

Allergens may include pollen, dust mites, mold, and animal dander. And symptoms included are sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy nose , itchy face and itchy throat.

4. Non allergic rhinitis:

The rhinitis caused by excessive use of some medicine and not by allergens is called as non allergic rhinitis. Its symptoms are almost the same as that of allergic rhinitis.

The causes may be fumes, odors, temperature, atmospheric change, smoke and other irritants. And the symptoms are sneezing, itchy nose , itchy throat and congestion.

5. Infectious rhinitis:

This type of rhinitis can be linked with a sinus infection and can occur as a cold. The major symptom that can indicates this rhinitis is the discharge of colored nasal congestion.

6. Vasomotor rhinitis:

This can be observed in people that already suffer from allergic rhinitis. And mostly its symptoms are exposed with temperature change and humidity. The symptoms include nasal congestion discharge and post nasal drip (sensation of fluid being poured down the back of the throat). Its symptoms can also be observed when the patient is near smoke, strong odor and sometimes emotional upsets or imbalance.

7. Mechanical obstruction:

One sided nasal obstruction is observed in such cases and people with a deviated septum or larger than usual adenoid.

Nasal blockage of one nostril is the symptom of mechanical obstruction.

8. Rhinitis medicamentosa:

The rhinitis that is caused by the continued use of nasal sprays that offer a relaxed air of breath but in the long run causes nose blockage that may even require a surgery to be removed. The use of such nasal sprays should always be limits and under the proper supervision of the physician. It is observed that people become addicted to the use of nasal sprays and thus end up in this severe disease.

9. Hormonal:

As the name indicates it is caused to the hormonal changes taking place in the human body naturally. Like during pregnancy, puberty, menses or hypothyroidism. And as all the other rhinitis symptoms this also involves the nasal congestion discharge. With the change in the age of a person the hormonal changes take place naturally and thus these changes can sometimes not be favorable for the human itself.

10. Rhinitis sicca:

The inside of the nose remains wet with mucus that helps protects from dirt entering through the nose.Sometimes mucus in the inner nose gets dried up causing blockage and this type of rhinitis is called as rhinitis sicca.

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