Vasomotor Rhinitis Treatment

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Vasomotor Rhinitis is a type of non allergic rhinitis wherein it is not caused or triggered by allergies like allergic rhinitis but vasomotor rhinitis is triggered by other allergens such as smoke, air pollution, fumes, spicy food, side effect of some medication, strong emotions, etc. What happens with vasomotor rhinitis is when your nose is irritated by these allergens, your nasal cavities becomes swollen and constricted resulting to difficulty in breathing and other symptoms.

Rhinitis is a condition wherein it doesn’t have any cure however there are various vasomotor rhinitis treatments available for one to try and do. But before we learn what the various treatments for rhinitis are, it is best to know what are the signs and symptoms that one must be aware to know and diagnose the condition properly.

So what are the usual signs that people with rhinitis usually show?

First is having a runny nose and constant sneezing. Once your nasal cavities become irritated and sensitive, you will sneeze uncontrollably and soon you will experience runny nose. This is the first symptom that people with rhinitis usually encounter.

Second is a constant headache and aches in various facial areas. Because of the excess production in mucus, pressure buildup will usually occur thus resulting in feeling a painful pressure in the areas of the nose, eyes, cheeks, and ears. Sometimes one will experience loss of hearing and irritable feeling in the ears. In addition to this, a person may also loss their other senses like taste and smell.

Next is redness of the nose and eyes. Your eyes will also feel hot resulting to constant tearing and watery of the eyes.

In some instances the patient will also feel other symptoms such as phlegm built up resulting to difficulty in breathing, constant coughing, fatigue and stress, and the like.

Knowing what to look for, here are some vasomotor rhinitis treatments that are found effective and inexpensive for people to do before consulting your doctors.

  • Humidifier – since vasomotor rhinitis is not caused by an allergic reaction to a certain allergen, the best solution that one must do is to purchase and install a humidifier that can help in cleansing the air and providing moisture which is important to keep your nose healthy and less irritated. Remember to always change the filters whenever necessary or as indicated to lessen the chances of housing molds and other bacteria.
  • Use hot compress – use hot compress to provide instant relief from various aches and pains that you will experience. Hot compress is also very helpful in lessening the pressure buildup in your nose region thus resulting to a more comfortable feeling throughout the day.
  • Warm bath/steam – Taking a warm shower 2x or 3x is also an effective way to help you feel comfortable and relieve the stress of enduring vasomotor rhinitis. The steam from the water helps in de-clogging the tightened nasal cavities plus it is great in helping with the mucus secretion among other stuff.
  • Decongestant – very helpful in relieve the pressure and it also helps with other symptoms such as the sneezing and the itchy feeling in the nose region.
  • Nasal Spray – although nasal sprays are very effective, it is advised that one use this sparingly since nasal sprays can sometimes aggravate the condition instead of treating it. Refer to the instructions and recommendations at the packaging and use it as indicated.

If the treatment listen above doesn’t help and if the condition and symptoms last more than 3 weeks, it is best to consult your physicians so you can be properly diagnosed and be given proper medication attention and medications.

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