Causes of Bleeding in Sinus Cavities and How to Treat It

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Having sinus and nasal problems is certainly something which can become problematic for people.  And this is especially the case for those who experience a bleeding sinus cavity, especially if this becomes a regular occurrence, since it can be an indicator that there is something seriously wrong.  If it is only a one off happening, or something that happens very rarely, then it may not be something to be concerned about, unless there are other symptoms that are also present.  But if it occurs fairly frequently, then it is something that needs to be investigated in order to find the cause.

Among the common reasons that a bleeding sinus cavity can occur is if there is a case of sinusitis or swollen sinus linings, where more blood comes to the surface of the area, and can therefore easily seep into the cavity, which leads the sufferer to identify that they have blood in their mucus.  This can also occur in a bout of cold or flu where the sinuses are also affected. In these instances, it is not uncommon for people to find a bleeding sinus cavity, as the flow of blood to the area is increased, and the flesh there is already inflamed.

Another thing that should be considered, however, is if there are any other symptoms that can be linked to the bleeding sinus cavity.  And especially if there are two or more such symptoms, speaking with a doctor or medical specialist will be strongly advised.  In some situations, it will often be a case that there isn’t anything major wrong, but it is always better to have that reassurance rather than carry on hoping that there aren’t any issues that really should have been looked at.

There are many people who simply have a thinner lining than others in their sinuses, and so these people will naturally be more likely to experience a bleeding sinus cavity.  There are treatments for such conditions, but many people will simply accept that they are likely to experience such symptoms and will just cope with it and continue with their lives.  However, if there isn’t a history of a bleeding sinus cavity, or if it is something that has occurred fairly late in life, then it is best to have it checked out in case the blood is an indicator that there is something more serious that needs to be treated.

Depending on the severity and the frequency of the bleeding sinus cavity, there are a number of treatments that are available.  And if it is bad enough for someone to consult a doctor, then they will usually either be given medicines or be advised to speak to a specialist who may recommend surgery to correct the problem.  For those who have milder or occasional occurrences of the bleeding sinus cavity, a decongestant and some painkillers will often be more than enough to deal with the problem. Nevertheless, in more serious cases, surgery will be carried out in order to correct the drainage and the ventilation of the sinuses, which will usually be successful in curing the problem.

There is no doubt that a bleeding sinus cavity is something that will often be alarming if it is an infrequent occurrence, though in many situations, it can actually be quite benign, as long as there isn’t a more serious condition that is causing the bleeding.  The treatments that are available for a bleeding sinus cavity are generally effective, and there is plenty of help in the medical field for those who want to get a cure for the problem and be relieved from frequent bouts of stuffiness and sniffly noses.

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