Importance of Mucus in Sinus Cavities

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Our sinuses are hollow and air-filled cavities that are lined with soft and pink tissues called mucus. As we all know, our sinus is important since it humidifies and cleans the air that goes in our respiratory tract. If our sinus cavity is that important then the mucus in our sinus cavity could be playing a very important role. Have you ever wondered what is the important role of this pink and soft tissue called mucus in our sinus cavity? Read this very informative article to find out!

The mucus in our sinus cavity plays a very important role in protecting our body from the dust, pollen, and other types of virus and bacteria that we get from the air that we breathe. The mucus in our sinus cavity is densely filled with microscopic hair like cilia. These small hairs that are invisible to the naked eye are the miracle workers that remove the foreign matter in the air that we breathe.

How do they do it, you may ask? With a simple back and forth motion, the cilia in the mucus of our sinus cavity were able to filter the air that we inhaled and remove all the irritants that is caught in it. These hairs would flush out these unwanted foreign matters to our stomach through the back of our throat. The mucus in our sinus cavity is one of the best defenses of our body against the bacteria and virus that we can get from the environment. This is why it is important that we maintain a healthy cilia and mucus in our nasal cavity.

Aside from making sure that the air that we take in to our respiratory tract is clean, mucus can also tell if we are suffering from a sinus infection. The mucus in our sinus cavity can work as a perfect gauge for any medical disorder. It can help medical professionals diagnose and treat our illness accurately.

Mucus in our sinus cavity are expected to be moist and lubricated all the time. This helps prevents the drying out of our tissues. When there is an unusual and rapid increase of mucus production, it is a symptom of cold and other common illness. It is an indicator that the mucus accumulates far too many foreign matters than it can handle and could now affect our normal breathing. Our diet can also trigger increased mucus production. Foods like dairy products, eggs, and soy beans contribute to increase mucus production.

It is for this reason that we have to clear our breathing pathway by blowing our nose or through a medical procedure called nasal irrigation. We know that the mucus in our nasal cavity is healthy if it is clear and has a slippery feel. But if we feel as if it is cloudy, thick, sticky, and glue-like then chances are we are sick or we are close to becoming one. If it has a different color and has traces of blood, then all the more that we should be concerned. We should seek medical assistance in such scenarios.

If the mucus production will not be controlled, it can attract more bacteria to infect our sinus and thus irritating us. Our mucus will swell and become inflamed. This will further constrict the already narrow airway pathway causing even more discomfort for us. Aside from discomfort, it also limits the ventilation in our sinus cavity and thus making the environment conducive for bacterial growth and infection. If we will not do anything about it, the mucus infection in our sinus cavity will worsen and can make us even sicker. This is why it is important to take good care and monitor the mucus in our sinus cavity.

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