Is it Bad to Have a Large Sinus Cavity?

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A large sinus cavity can present itself in many ways depending on the period depending on the amount of time that the problem has been there. There are symptoms ranging from acute to chronic which are related to an enlarge sinus cavity. The first thing to know is the causes that can lead to the development of a large sinus cavity. The main causes are infections by virus, bacteria, fungi, allergic reactions, immune-system related disorders and respiratory problems. Looking at the causes you can judge the vast number of problems that can lead to enlargement of the sinus and most of these problems come under the names that are mentioned above. So, what exactly happens when there is a patient is diagnosed having an enlarged sinus. The main reason for the presence of a large sinus cavity is the formation of mucus. Mucus is passed through the various para-nasal sinuses on a regular basis. There is presence of small hair like projections on the lining of the sinus. The function of these projections is to filter out the air that is taken inside and cleanse it of any impurities that may be present along with it. The mucus plays an important role in the humidification of the air taken inside by keeping the tissues moist.

This is the normal functioning of the para-nasal system. In case an infection occurs then the defense mechanism of the body comes into play and starts producing a more than normal quantity of mucus. This mucus starts getting thicker with time and the lining of the sinus also becomes swollen. This eventually lead to a blockage of the sinus tracts leading to the development of a breathing problem as the sinus tracts give the patient a feeling of irritation every time one tries to breathe. After a certain level of infection the sinus swells up and then exerts pressure on the cartilages present leading to their displacement from their normal position. All these factors can lead to the presence of a swelling which can be seen on the face and the patient will feel pressure from the swelling. Also there may be presence of blood sometimes in the discharge due to rupture of a few minor blood vessels. With time the swelling starts exerting pressure on all sides and the patient starts to feel very uneasy.

There are lots of methods of gaining relief from the pain and the pressure and these are things you should carefully read. You can take a hot water shower and feel better almost instantaneously. Some people are also advised to inhale steam through their nostrils. There are people who can feel a short term relief by doing gargles with warm saline as it can help in dealing with throat infections also. One can visit the physician to get antibiotics and nasal decongestants prescribed and take them for the duration of the infection or till the time they are advised to stop. Nasal decongestants are also available in the form of sprays these days that are easy to use. These decongestants work by making the mucus thin in consistency.

There are side-effects of taking these medicines so make sure that you let your doctor know about any problems that you experience after taking the medications. These medications can have an effect on other organs or parts so keep your physician updated about your latest status always. So if you have any problems related to the sinus try and fix up an appointment with your physician so that you can start with the treatment as soon as possible and you do not have to undergo any stress.

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