Things to Consider When Finding a Polyp in Sinus Cavities

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For many people who find out that they may have a growth in their sinuses, finding out that it isn’t a tumor will often be a relief in itself, so a polyp in sinus cavity isn’t a problem that many people will feel too worried about, but it can still have its own issues that will arise, and it will still be important to treat it accurately.  There are many different areas of the body and different organs which can experience polyps, but specifically in this article, we will look at those which develop in the sinus cavity, and the possible symptoms and treatments.

For many people, they won’t have come across a polyp before they or a family member are actually diagnosed with them, so in essence, a polyp is an abnormal growth of cells, which in many cases, can have an impact on how that particular part of the body will function.  Of course, having a polyp in sinus cavity means that it is likely to cause many symptoms that are along the lines of having a blockage in the sinuses, and these can be as small as a persistent runny nose or discharges of mucus to nasal bleeding, up to the more serious problems like repetitive and severe headaches.


There are many things that can be considered as symptoms for a polyp in sinus cavity, and these will often be quite similar to other problems with sinuses, so it will always be wise to refer to a doctor so they can carry out the relevant tests and make a full diagnosis.  A frequent stuffiness or runny nose is at the bottom end of the symptoms, and a blockage in one nasal passage can also be a suggestion that there may be a polyp within the sinuses. Looking at whether there are any breathing problems for people when trying to breathe through the nose can also suggest a problem.

For people who experience such symptoms, referring to a doctor should certainly be a priority, as these symptoms are often along the same lines as those for a more serious problem like cancer in the sinuses, so going to a doctor and getting a diagnosis for a polyp in sinus cavity can actually be a relief.  Doctors can carry out tests to help identify whether or not there is a growth present, and then if that growth is actually a polyp or not.  And this may involve taking a sample of the tissue of the growth itself, or carrying out a scan which can confirm whether or not there is an unusual growth present.


For the majority of people who are diagnosed with a polyp in sinus cavity, the treatment will usually be to have it surgically removed, unless it is situated in such a way that surgery to remove the growth will actually be prohibitive because of its size or location.  The physician will look at the individual situation, and go over the different treatment options that are available following the diagnosis, and will then work with the individual to find an option that is suitable to deal with the problem.

There is evidence to suggest that in many cases the polyp in sinus cavity will often be quite benign, but there are also polyps which can be quite malignant, and cause more than simply the discomfort of having the growth there.  Taking time to see a medical specialist to discuss the symptoms will be a good place to start, and if this diagnosis is one of a polyp, then there is certainly no need to be immediately alarmed, as the doctor will then go over the various obstacles and options available.

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