Can Sinus Pressure Cause Vision Problems?

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If you too have the query can sinus pressure cause vision problems and want to know the answer but getting nowhere, do not feel alone. Many people suffering from sinus pressure are faced with similar questions. Apparently, even the most experienced eye specialists have different opinions regarding this topic.

Before answering the question can sinus pressure cause vision problems, let’s look at some common causes of vision problems. Vision problems can occur to anyone. They do not believe in age, class or gender biases. Generally with age, people tend to lose some part of their vision. This is due to the general weakening of body muscles and senses which is manifested in other areas also. Similarly, smoking also increases the risk of losing some vision. Eye infections or diabetes are also related to vision loss. Even a decaying tooth can cause temporary vision problems. As you can see, there are many causes for vision problems and unless one pinpoints the exact cause, treating the problem is very difficult. In some cases, changes in diet and some exercises are known to reverse vision loss. But the question remains: can sinus pressure cause vision problems? To an extent, sinus pressure can affect eyesight. Many patients suffering from severe sinus problems do complain about headaches, giddiness, eye strain, watery eyes, redness and itchiness of eyes. These are common symptoms which can be associated with other ailments also like migraine for example. Some patients might already be suffering from these ailments after which they get a sinus attack and they might blame sinus pressure for the vision problems. But it is known that sinus pressure could play a role in affecting a person’s vision.

During or immediately after a sinus attack, it is common to have a runny nose and watery eyes. This is because if the mucus gets infected it causes swelling of the sinus walls. This blocks flow of mucus and air between the sinuses. The sinuses then put pressure on the sinus walls leading to headaches and pressure under the eyes. If not treated in time or if the sinuses take time to heal over a period of time, the pressure built under the eyes might start to obstruct the normal functioning of the person’s eyes. This can occur in one or both eyes. In this case, the answer to the question can sinus pressure cause vision problems is ‘yes’. A gradual build up of pressure under the eyes can eventually weaken the eye muscles thereby making them lose their elasticity.

The optic nerve carrying signals to and from the eye is very sensitive to surrounding pressure. Sinus pressure below the eyes can affect the optic nerve resulting in weakening of the eyesight. There are thousands of tiny vessels called capillaries supplying blood in the eye area. The eye depends on these capillaries for nourishment and oxygen. Prolonged sinus pressure under the eye can cause few capillaries to burst. This could result in reduced visibility. The systems of ear, nose and throat are interconnected. Damage in one area is known to affect other areas also. However, can sinus pressure cause vision problems if not treated in time? If the symptoms fade away after a while, there is nothing much to worry. However, if the symptoms refuse to fade even after a substantial amount of time then vision problems could occur!

Vision problems can occur due to many reasons. Can sinus pressure cause vision problems? Yes, sinus pressure can cause vision problems but it is always advisable to get proper medical advice from an eye specialist and follow the treatment schedule religiously. Else even if your sinus treatment is done and your sinuses are clear you could still be faced with the question – can sinus pressure cause vision problems?

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