Can You Have Sinus Pressure Without Congestion?

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Sinus pressure without congestion is a problem that many people do experience. If you have a sinus feeling headache and a little pressure pains it can go on for without you necessarily knowing why. Often these sorts of pains will be linked with congestion and it is relatively easy to think about how to do deal with it. So it is important to deal with the problem as soon as you can. Unfortunately many people use pain killers to get rid of the pain instead of addressing the actual problem. If you are experiencing sinus pressure and have no congestion then it is very important to try and work out why this may be happening. There are lots of reasons and they can soon be diagnosed by your doctor or a specialised. Do not hesitate to consult them and get to the bottom of the problem.

There are many reasons for sinus pressure without congestion. Some people have what is known as a deviated nasal septum. Here the slender wall of bone and cartilage inside your nasal cavity that separates your two nasal passages is displaced to one side. This makes one nasal passage larger than the other. It can lead to some people having constant sinus issues. A deviated septum can also lead to hindered snoring and breathing. A deviated septum can be a birth defect or can be caused by an accident or trauma. Other people just have differences or slight genetic changes in them that have created a longer and narrower nasal passage or sinus. In other words every body’s sinuses are different and unfortunately some peoples do not work as effectively as others. Some of these people will experience sinus pressure without congestion. There are other people who have sensitivity to things around them in their environment. Many people are allergic to particular foods. This sensitivity can trigger an allergic reaction that causes swelling in the nose and can create similar symptoms to congestion. One of these symptoms can be sinus pressure leading to all the same problems that congestion would.

Sinus pressure without congestion can occur in some people because of eating certain foods or drinking certain foods. Red wine is often said to have this effect in lots of people. This is a sort of allergic reaction to food that can cause the sinuses to be open to infection. Swelling can then occur that prevents the sinus cavities from cleaning themselves out properly. The mucus builds up and creates the conditions for bacteria to breed. In these circumstances the chances of developing a sinus infection are greatly increased and therefore sinus pressure will build up without any actual congestion. For some people who have narrow cavities a blockage can occur that restricts proper drainage and an infection can be caused. People with allergies and a particular sensitivity to particular foods are inclined to have sinus infections and pressure.

Sinus pressure without congestion can be helped with some familiar and very effective methods. One very good way is to apply a warm cloth to your face a number of times a day to help open the blockages in the spaces. Drinking lots of water helps to thin the mucus in the system allows it to pass through and reduces the risk of infection. Inhaling steam is also very effective way of clearing the passages too. A humidifier can help to moisten the air and open the sinuses. If your sinus pressure problems are caused by allergies you should definitely avoid the allergy triggers. People in this situation should make sure they take any medication such as antihistamines. Nasal sprays are also very effective for some people in this situation.

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