Causes and Treatment for Sinus Pressure in Back of Head

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Sinus pressure in back of head is an extremely uncomfortable thing to have to deal with. The pressure can lead to severe pain which can be very difficult to deal with. Sinus pressure in back of head is of course linked to other sinus conditions including headaches and pain behind the eyes. The inflamed sinuses can lead to headaches that can cause a profound, throbbing pain in the front of your head and face. If this continues it can lead to pressure and pain at the back of the head also. Sinus headaches often start as you get up in the morning, and can become better during the day. The pressure still remains and the pain may remain as a dull throb throughout the day. Sinus pressure in the back of the head can then build up over night and build up causing continued and worsening pain. The pain can be worse in the morning because mucus builds up over night.

Sinus pressure in back of head can be caused by an irritation in your sinuses. Sinuses are the cavities around your nose, eyes, and cheeks. The pain can also be worth with sudden movements of the head especially when you bend over or lean over it can make the pain a great deal worse. The weather is also a factor that can make sinus pain and pressure much worse.  Cold and damp weather is particularly bad for sinus pressure. Sudden temperature change can also cause a problem. Pressure like pain in one specific area of your head is a common symptom of sinus problems and it is not that unusual for it to be at the back of the head.  The face can become painful and tender to the touch.

As well as sinus pressure in back of head other symptoms that can be associated with sinus inflammation include a dripping nose and sore throat. A nasty green discharge from the nose is also common. The nose and nostrils will become red and swollen and you may get a fever and feel very tired.  Sinus problems can be caused by congestion and inflammation in the sinuses. This in turn, can be caused by either a cold or flu infection.  Hay fever and other allergies can also be a major cause.  Although a cold is most often the main reason, sinusitis can be caused by anything that prevents the sinuses from draining. Other risk factors can be a history of allergies or asthma. Also going to high altitudes by flying or climbing can be a big problem for some people. If you do a lot of swimming and particularly diving this can also be a contributing factor.

You can help to reduce sinus pressure in back of head by getting over the counter medication depending on the severity of the problem. Supplements and herbs can be used to help prevent colds and flu and therefore help reduce sinus problems in some cases. Some of the following things can help reduce congestion and therefore pain and pressure caused by sinus problems. Firstly you can try a humidifier which many people find very helpful. Many people also find a nasal spray very useful. The inhalation of steam a few times a day is also a good way to clear the sinuses. And because allergies and asthma can be a trigger it is a good idea to treat these quickly not just for their own sake but also to help prevent sinus pressure. Doing exercises and stretches for the neck and head can also be very helpful. Relaxation in a good position is also a very good and helpful way of dealing with pressure and pain from sinus problems.

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