Dealing with Severe Sinus Pressure

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Severe sinus pressure is a very painful thing to have to cope with. The pressure can end up leading to very bad pain which can be very hard to deal with. Severe sinus pressure is directly linked to other sinus problems that include headaches, earaches and pain behind the eyes. The swollen sinuses can lead to headaches. If this continues it can lead to pressure and pain that can lead to a profound, pounding pain in the front of your head and face. Sinus pressure and headaches are often worse in the morning, and can reduce during the day. The pressure reduces during the day as you move around and this can allow mucus that has built up during the night to be released.

Severe sinus pressure can be triggered by a swelling and irritation in the sinuses. Sinuses are the passages around your cheeks, eyes and nose. The face can hurt and ache badly and be very tender to the touch. The ache can get much worse with abrupt movements of the head. It can also get worse when you bend over or lean forwards. The weather is also a feature that contributes to making sinus pain and pressure much worse. Cold and damp weather conditions are also bad for sinus pressure. Sudden temperature change, such as walking in or out of a building, can also be a contributing factor. Pressure leading to pain in is a common symptom of sinus problems and it can cause severe pain anywhere in the head, face or neck.

As well as severe sinus pressure other things that can be associated with sinus inflammation include congestion and a sore throat. A green discharge from out of the nose is also quite common. The nose and nostrils will become swollen and a fever and fatigue can develop. Sinus trouble can be triggered by obstruction and swelling in the sinuses. This swelling can develop because of a cold or flu virus.  Allergies such as hay fever can also be a main cause of trouble in the sinuses.  Although these are some of the most common causes, sinus pressure can be started by anything that stops the sinuses from draining properly. Those who do a lot of diving and swimming can also be at a higher risk of sinus problems. Climbing or flying to high altitudes can be a major trigger for some people.

You can help to decrease severe sinus pressure by buying some non prescription medication from your local pharmacy. Cold and flu viruses can be prevented by the use of supplements and herbs and as a result help lessen sinus trouble in some cases. Some of these things can help reduce congestion and consequently ache, soreness and pressure caused by sinus problems. Some people find a humidifier very helpful to moisten the passages. Other people can find a nasal spray to be valuable. The breathing in of steam at regular times during the day is also an excellent way to clear the sinuses. Because allergies and asthma can be a cause of sinus pressure, it is an idea to deal with these things as quickly as you can. This is beneficial for their own sake but it will also not help to prevent the build up of sinus pressure and therefore reduce the chances of any of the associated problems that can lead to pain. Learning and practicing some exercises and stretches for the head, neck and breathing can also be very effective. Relaxing in a good position and carrying out breathing exercises can also be an effective way of reducing the pressure and pain from sinus troubles.

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