Experiencing Sinus Pressure Without Mucus

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The sinus is a part of the nasal passageway that helps clean the air that we breathe in and out. It is located in four different spot near the nose and the eyes. The maxillary sinuses are located under the eyes, frontal sinuses are located in the frontal part of the eyes and makes up the hard part of the forehead, sphenoid sinuses is located at the back of the nose and at the center of the skull under the pituitary glands and the ethmoid sinuses are located in the area between the nose and the eyes.

When one becomes allergies, there can be a lot of factor for this, or catches a virus or infection – the sinuses well and tightens which results to difficulty in breathing resulting to pressure in various facial areas causing headaches, dizziness and other symptoms of sinus pressure. This is quite normal for most but reoccurring of condition during prolonged time needs the medical attention of your doctors.

Sinus pressure without mucus is also common and can be very painful but there are a lot of ways to help you relieve the pain during these times. You can either self medicate and use home remedies that are safe and cost friendly compared to prescribed medications from your physicians.

Massage and acupressure is an effective way in relieving the aches and pains in the areas of your face. Applying pressure releases the tension and aches that sinus pressure creates which provides temporary relief for a patient. You can either get a professional to do this for you or you can apply pressure to various key spots in your face. Spots like the forehead, areas close to your eyes and nose and cheeks are some of the places to start. Apply constant massages and pressure touches to help you get through the pain of sinus pressure.

Rehydrate and drink a lot of liquid is another great method to try. Tea accompanied by thyme or other herbs helps with the swelling of nasal passageway giving you an easier time to breathe. In addition to the 6-7 glasses of water a day, avoid caffeinated drinks like black tea and coffee as to not irritate your body more.

Eucalyptus oil and menthol inhalers – you can use cooling inhalers to aid in minimizing the swelling and the irritation around your nose. This is a very effective way of relieving sinus pressure without mucus.

Humidifiers – you don’t want to breathe in dirty air since that’s the main cause to allergic reaction as well as inhaling smoke from cigarettes or air contaminated with harmful products like hairspray and various cleaning products. Always remember to clean your machine whenever you can and change the filter as to keep it clean. The dirtier your humidifier is, the easier it is for bacteria and fungus to grow which defeats the purpose of the machine in the first place.

Eat healthy and exercise daily – watch out on the food you consume and be aware on the food that you consume. Allergic reaction to food is also the main cause of sinus pressure. Combine a healthy diet with a great exercise routine to help you combat ailments and sickness. Keep your body healthy.

Regular shot – it is very advisable to be updated with the latest vitamin and flu shots. Keep your immune system healthy and updated to battle bacteria, virus and other infections.

Get regular sleep – it is always advisable to have the right hours to keep your body relax, refreshed and up and running. Stay away from stress and other factors that can slow your body down. Sleeping helps in strengthening your immune system so get as much sleep as possible.

Visit your doctor regularly – if you experience constant sinus pressure and it doesn’t go away after a week or two, it is best to consult your doctor directly. Always inform your doctor about everything and never leave any information behind so that your physician can provide you with a good diagnostics of your condition.

Follow the tips to live a healthier and cleaner life, that way you lessen the chances of sinus pressure and other condition.

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