Forms of Natural Sinus Pressure Relief

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Sinus pressure can be a very uncomfortable problem.  Several natural sinus pressure relief methods are available. Supplements can assist in curing and treating sinus pressure by reducing the sinus inflammation and by helping to keep colds away. Some supplements can have unwanted side effects or interact with medications your doctor or pharmacist may have recommended or prescribed, so make sure you get advice on what you take particularly if you are taking natural remedies on top of medication from your doctor. There are many forms of natural sinus pressure relief below we will look at some common ones including the use of herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture. Some or all of these methods will be the right solution for different people. Everyone is different and it is worth exploring different natural methods especially if your sinus problems are ongoing.

Bromelain is a very popular form of natural sinus pressure relief.  Bromelain is an enzyme taken from pineapples, some studies have suggested that it can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the sinuses and, therefore, help to relieve symptoms of sinusitis. Bromelain is often mixed with quercetin another natural substance that is believed to work as an antihistamine, therefore helping this whole mixture to work against allergies and inflammation.  Quercetin is another antihistamine substance that you may see mixed with Bromelain for natural sinus pressure relief. The application of herbs for the natural relief of sinus pressure is also very common. There are lots of herbs that can help to reduce the chances of having a sinus pressure by preventing or relieving the symptoms of a cold and reducing sinus inflammation. Sinupret is a mixture of herbs designed to help with sinus pressure reduction. Studies have shown some positive effects for it relieving the symptoms of sinusitis. It works by the herbs it contains thinning down the mucus and helping the sinuses to clear. The herbs are also believed to help strengthen the immune system. Individual herbs traditionally used to treat sinus pressure include Chinese skullcap, Devil’s claw, Feverfew and Willow bark.

More recently you will have heard of homeopathy being used as a natural sinus pressure relief.  One of the most common reasons for people to get homeopathic treatments is to relieve headaches, which are often sinus related. Homeopaths will recommend different treatments for sinus pressure headaches based on their knowledge and the particular symptoms of the individual. Homeopaths work by finding out as much about the person’s condition and physical type as possible. They find out as much about his or her physical and emotional state as they can and then match the specific remedy and dosage. An experienced homeopath considers many factors when finding the most appropriate remedy for an individual Remedies commonly prescribed for sinus congestion and headache include Arsenicum. This is most often used for throbbing, very strong sinus pain. Another commonly chosen remedy is Belladonna which is usually given for headaches that feel worse with light and movement. Each of the remedies in homeopathy is applied in this way to slightly different symptoms.

Another very popular natural sinus pressure relief system is acupuncture. Many people report that this can be a very effective treatment. Some people will discover that acupuncture helps to relieve symptoms of sinus pressure. An acupuncturist sees headaches as conditions deriving from imbalances in the body, or “energetic” imbalances. Acupuncturists usually describe sinus problems as “dampness”.  They clear this dampness is cleared by strengthening the specific “meridians” in the body. As you are probably aware they do this by performing needling therapy, where needles are gently applied to precise areas relating to the problem being treated.

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