How to Clear and Eliminate Sinus Pressure

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They say that prevention is better than cure. As a matter of fact, that is true. It is better to prevent an infection or condition happening that spending a large amount of money treating it. There are various symptoms to a sinus pressure if you are not familiar with it. But first what is a sinus pressure?

Sinus pressure occurs when your nasal passageway or your nose is clogged with mucus and your lungs develops phlegm which results to difficulty in breathing and various aches in your facial areas. When your nasal cavity becomes irritated and swollen from “dirty” air or other contaminants like cigarette smoke, it narrows down the cavity which results to the irritation of your nose. When that happens, your nose produces a large amount of mucus that hardens the longer It stays in your nose. This is one of the main reasons why someone experiences sinus pressure.

The building of hard mucus in your nasal passageway creates pressure around the nose area and various facial areas like the eyes, cheeks and sometimes it causes toothaches. When your sinuses become inflamed, headaches follow. In addition to this, you experience pain above your eyes (eye brows), the areas near your nose, redness of and swelling of the eyes and feeling weak in the knees.

How does one develop sinus pressure? Bacteria, infection and viruses are the main cause of sinus pressure and swelling of the nasal passageway but there are also other factors like humidity and air, pollution, allergic reaction and other factors. So what are the various ways in clearing sinus pressure? Actually there are tons of ways that you can do to relieve the pressure.

  1. Warm compress & warm bath – this is the most effective and cheapest way to cure sinus pressure. Hardened mucus is easily de-clogged when it comes contact with steam and warm vapor. When this happens, the area around the nose loosens which makes removal of the mucus easier. You can take a warm bath, make use of a hot compress or use a basin filled with warm water and inhale the vapor.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids – consume at least 8-10 cups of water, substitute caffeinated drinks with tea or warm beverages. Avoid intake of cold beverages since it will only add pressure and pain together with the sinus pressure.
  3. Antibiotics, antihistamines and humidifiers – all of these remedies that help in clearing sinus pressure can be bought off the counter. Always read the label and follow instructions indicated in the package to use the products effectively. Antibiotics are best defense against virus and infection, antihistamines helps with the aches and the pressure plus the humidifier prevents the inhale of dry air. Dry air is the main cause why your passageways are irritated in addition to other contaminants.
  4. Saline drips and nasal sprays – these are cheap medications that you can buy but another alternative to this solution is warm water with sea salt. This solution helps in the loosening of the harden mucus plus it helps in the cleaning and clearing of the nasal passageway which helps you breathe easier.

These suggestions are the most common practices that help in clearing sinus pressure but are not limited to such methods. There are other ways in clearing sinus pressure like acupuncture, massages and other medications but that is entirely up to you if you prefer using those. If your condition doesn’t improve in 2 weeks then it is time to consult your doctor. Eating healthy and sleeping 7-8 hours a day also helps with faster recovery.

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