How to Deal with Blurred Vision from Sinus Presure

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Sinuses perform an important function of filtering the air we breathe. Sometimes, due to various reasons, the sinuses get blocked resulting in sinus pressure. This leads to other complications like pain in jaws, eyes, ringing ears and headaches. If not treated properly it can be agonizingly painful for the patient. Prolonged duration of sinus pressure is known to affect the functioning of other senses like ears and eyes. A blurred vision with sinus pressure is a result of severe sinus pressure.

The facial bones of the human skull houses four pairs of sinuses. These sinuses are in close proximity to other human organs like the ears and eyes. The sinuses perform the job of filtering the air, providing voice resonance and keeping skull lightweight. The sinuses open into the nasal cavity via the ostium freely exchanging air and mucus. Due to bacterial or viral infections or due to allergies to certain airborne substances, these sinuses might get blocked with mucus. This puts pressure on sinus inner linings. This pressure is called sinus pressure. Sinus pressure can result in watery eyes, running nose, dryness of the mouth, headaches and ringing in the ears. If not treated properly it can affect the eyes and ears in the long run.

Generally sinus symptoms disappear on their own without any treatment within three to four days. If they persist beyond that it is advisable to consult a doctor who can prescribe medication to treat the infections. In case even after medications the symptoms show no signs of abating then the patient should immediately check with an ENT specialist.

Severe sinus pressure is known to affect the eyes in the long run. Hence sooner the treatment starts the better. Blurred vision with sinus pressure is known to affect patients in severe cases of sinus pressure. Due to prolonged sinus pressure, the eye muscles, surrounding the eyes, become weak. This also affects the optic nerve. Due to these reasons, blurred vision with sinus pressure can occur. Along with blurred vision with sinus pressure, the patient can complain of other problems like ear ringing or pain in the jaw. All these are symptoms of severe sinus pressure and should be treated immediately.

The only way to deal with blurred vision with sinus pressure is to evaluate the reasons for the person’s sinus problems. Is it infection in the mucus, any cyst causing obstruction of the sinuses or any allergic reaction to the surroundings? Once the root cause is identified then the treatment becomes easy. If blurred vision with sinus pressure is due to infections it can be treated with a course of antibiotics and rest. If it is due to any cyst or polyp, it can be treated with surgery and if it due to any allergic reaction to allergens it can be treated with anti allergy drugs and shots. Normally, the problem of blurred vision with sinus pressure will vanish once the sinus is treated and no special treatment is required for blurred vision.

Blurred vision can be caused due to other reasons also. It could occur due to some genuine eye problem or it could be due to some other ailment affecting the body like blood pressure and diabetes. It is important to seek proper medical advice before proceeding with any kind of treatment. You might want to check with an eye specialist if blurred vision persists even after the sinus is gone. The cause of blurred vision in these cases would be something else which can be determined after a visit to an eye specialist. The gift of sight is a very important gift and eyes perform a very important function. It is vital to look after them and at the slightest hint of discomfort, to investigate the causes.

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