How to Treat Ear Ringing from Sinus Pressure

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Ear ringing means hearing buzzing noises in the ear! These are internal noises without any external source. In medical terms, ear ringing is termed as tinnitus. Ear ringing could occur due to various reasons. One such reason is ear ringing with sinus pressure.

Sinuses are cavities within the facial skull bones. The primary functions of sinuses are filtering air for breathing, providing resonance to our voice and maintaining the skull lightweight. Every human has four pairs of sinuses. They are known as Frontal, Ethmoid, Sphenoid and Maxillary sinuses. If, for any reason, the sinuses get blocked, it gives rise to a condition called sinus pressure. The sinuses can get blocked due to accumulation of mucus and trapping of air in its cavities. This could be because of infection or allergens present in the air. The accumulated mucus and trapped air exert pressure on the sinus walls causing swelling. This gives rise to sinus pressure. The symptoms of blocked sinuses are runny nose, headache, watery eyes, pain in the jaw and ringing ears. Occasionally, the person may complain of fever, dizziness and lethargy.

Ear ringing with sinus pressure is a common complaint from people suffering from sinus blockages. Ear ringing is very annoying for these patients. Firstly, they have to deal with runny noses and difficulty in breathing and secondly with strange popping noises in their ears; this can become very irritating. People who suffer sinus problems frequently decide to go for surgery, due to this irritation. However, there is no reason to fear ear ringing with sinus pressure! With proper medical advice and treatment, the condition can be cured. It is important to consult an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist as soon as the patient starts complaining about ear ringing. A specialist can tell you whether ear ringing is due to sinus or some other reasons. Once diagnosed that the ear ringing is due to sinus, the patient can be given antibiotics and within ten days, the symptoms would disappear. The treatment to be followed is a course of antibiotics supplemented with good rest. Doctors can also prescribe steam inhalation to reduce congestion of the sinuses. This will thin out the mucus in the sinuses and let it pass out providing instant relief. A warm wet towel massage is known to reduce the symptoms quickly. Steroids can also be helpful in the short term but doctors strongly recommend against their usage, in the long run. Regular salt water nose gargling is also helpful in clearing the mucus and providing relief. If the symptoms persist beyond ten days then it is advisable to do a thorough check up to determine the exact cause of ear ringing with sinus pressure. Sometimes cysts or polyps get formed inside the Eustachian tube which also causes ear ringing. In these cases, surgery is the only option to remove the cyst. Sometimes, ear ringing is a symptom of a totally different bodily ailment and it won’t stop even after the sinus problem is solved. In these cases, a thorough check up is recommended to find out the root cause of ear ringing. Ear ringing with sinus pressure is easily curable if the person takes proper medication and rest. People who suffer chronic ear ringing with sinus pressure should consult an ENT specialist, at the earliest. In case, sinus pressure is due to allergies, anti allergy medicines should help.

Ear ringing with sinus pressure is a painful ailment. Constant buzzing in the ears is very annoying for the patients. The person’s social contact reduces which can lead to other issues. Chronic cases can lead to complications like insomnia and depression. In these cases, the patient needs support from friends and family to understand his condition. It is not something to be laughed about but a serious matter and should be dealt with accordingly.    


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