Practical Ways to Reduce Sinus Pressure Behind Eyes

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Sinus pressure behind eyes is a tremendously painful thing to have to cope with. The pressure can lead to harsh pain which can be really hard to live with.  Sinus pressure behind eyes is of course linked closely to other sinus conditions including headaches. Inflamed sinuses can lead to headaches and pressure behind the eyes that may cause a deep, drilling and sharp pain behind your eyes and in your head. If this continues it can build up and become quite unbearable and difficult to get on with your life. You can actually have visual and balance problems associated with it. Sinus pressure often is worse when you get up in the morning because everything settles and dries and the mucus builds up during the night, making the pressure worse.  It can become better during the day as you move around a bit more. The pressure still remains, however, and the pain will remain throughout the day. Sinus pressure behind eyes can then build up again over night causing continued and worsening pain.

Sinus pressure behind eyes is caused by sinus infections. Sinus infection is an irritation and swelling of the sinuses and nasal passages. A sinus infection will be the cause of various pressures in the head which in turn lead to various pains in the head, eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead. It can also be associated with a bad cough and cold. Nasal congestion is a particular associated problem. When all the passages are blocked or inflamed this is what causes the pressure to build up and leads to the pain that you experience. Sinusitis is actually very common and there are many ways to treat the different symptoms.

If you are having sinus pressure behind eyes causing bad pain behind the eyes the first thing to think about is finding ways for successful decongestion. To keep your nasal passages clear you can try a number of things. One practical and popular way is to use a humidifier or vaporizer. This system helps to keep your passages moist and stops mucus building up. It allows everything that is blocked to start flowing and moving again a bit more effectively. A practical treatment like this is popular because it is natural and non invasive. It is just giving your body a better chance and the right conditions to get on with its own natural healing processes. In the same way a hot and steamy bath or shower can work wonders to relieve sinus pressure.

Drinking lots of fluids will help too. This will thin out the mucus and can help stop your sinuses from getting blocked up. Hot steamy drinks are doubly comforting. Try hot honey and lemon. Hold your mouth and nose over the cup and make sure you breathe in the steam while you are not drinking. This can really help to reduce the discomfort of sinus pressure behind eyes. Nasal sprays can be very good as well. They don’t need to be from the pharmacy, although you will find a vast range of commercially produced over the counter products that can help. But you can just fill an empty nasal spryer with simple salt water. This is very effective in helping to prevent your nasal passages from drying out. Another practical thing to do is to avoid alcohol as much as possible when you are having problems with sinus pressure. This is because alcohol will dry out your nasal passages and raise the chance of inflammation.

If you follow these practical ideas in the early stages of experiencing sinus pressure behind eyes you may be able to stop the problem becoming worse and not have to seek any more advanced medical intervention.

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