Runny Nose and Sinus Pressure

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Having a constant sinus congestion, runny nose or blocked ears can really be a frustrating thing to deal with especially if it is recurrent. Many people who suffer from sinusitis state that most of the medication that they’ve been put on hasn’t worked much as it was anticipated to. Most of the solutions put forward to combat a runny nose and sinus pressure usually just deal with the symptoms but not really the cause of the congestion. This is why most of the cases of sinusitis always recur.

A runny nose and sinus pressure is as a result of sinusitis which is affects the nose, ears and sinus. Because of this, congestion in these areas occurs and hence a patient will suffer from congestion in the ears and nose and will suffer from headaches as well thanks to the sinus pressure.

Since it has already been stated that most medication only deals with the symptoms, it is important to understand how these symptoms occur. Inflammation is as a result of a bacterial or viral infection in the body that leads to over production of mucous. The inflammation can be caused by anything from allergies to infections. Most bacterial and fungal infections can be treated with antibiotics but in the case of a fungal infection it is usually left alone to clear on its own. What most patients don’t know is that food allergies can be the greatest cause for sinusitis. If you are one of them, you may already be interested in finding out how this is possible.

Usually most food allergies almost always result in inflammation and this can happen in any part of the body. This is because the said food allergens can be distributed anywhere in the body after the digestion process. This eventually leads to symptoms like sinus pressure and a runny nose. It is possible that any type of food can lead to an allergic reaction which in turn will lead to sinusitis.

More often than not, it is hard to notice if the sinusitis is caused by a food allergy and this is because of the fact that food takes a while before it is absorbed into the body and hence by that time it is often hard for a patient to discover which food it was that caused the allergic reaction. Some foods are what we eat on a daily basis with a few alterations here and there so singling one out can prove to be a difficult task.

There is no possible way of knowing the cause of a food allergy though there are some studies that prove it to be genetically related. Because more and more foods are being introduced into the human diet it has become common for some immune systems to reject the food deeming it as a foreign substance. There may not be well known treatment for sinusitis but there are some remedies that have been put forward to help deal with the symptoms.

Common sinusitis symptoms are like a painful pressure which worsens when you bend; increased production of mucous which leads to a blocked nose; a constant headache; a lessened sense of smell and a fever. Sometimes, the patient may feel very tired as well. Many patients admit to various self help treatment in order to reduce the intensity of the sinusitis. Some use warm towels to place on the areas of their face where they feel pain, others prefer hovering over a bowl of steaming water while others feel that having comfortable pillows arranged in a comfortable way help a great deal.

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