Sinus Pressure Behind the Ears: Various Ways on How to Prevent it

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Sinus pressure doesn’t only affect your facial areas particularly the cheeks and the eyes but it can also be felt in your eyes. Sinus pressure behind the ears is temporary but this condition can be very painful and irritating. Often patients who experience sinus pressure behind ears loss their hearing or hear a ringing sound. If one experiences sinus pressure in a prolonged manner, it can be a very big burden. But don’t worry; there are various ways to prevent sinus pressure behind the ears without taking any medications.

Some of the ways on how to relieve sinus pressure behind ears are:

  • Warm compress – whether you feel the pressure in your eyes, cheeks or ear applying and using a warm compress will always do the job. Be sure to use a warm compress in the areas where you feel the ache and pains and leave the compress until you feel relief. You can do this whenever you feel like doing as it is very harmless yet very effective.
  • Elevate head when sleeping – a technique that has been proven effective by a number of people who experience sinus pressure behind ears is sleeping with an elevated position of the head. The reason behind this is because when you lie down flat, mucus in your nose will just harden more which prolongs the condition. Sleep with 2 to 3 pillow, whatever you feel comfortable with, and elevate your head to allow mucus to run through your nose. Eliminating the mucus will eliminate the sinus pressure altogether.
  • Blow your nose – since sinus pressure are often the result of a congested and runny nose, it is best to blow the mucus every chance you get but remember to blow gently. Don’t blow to hard and wait for a popping sound. Never blow with force as that will only add to the severe pain that your ears are already experiencing.
  • Gum – ear pressure in the gum is due to the lack of movement in the Eustachian tube because of the swollen cavities in your nose.  If you chew gum or candy, it provides movement in the Eustachian tube and will provide you will relieve.
  • Steam and hot shower – since you will have a hard time breathing regularly with a runny nose and a swollen nasal passageway, loosen the cavities by taking a warm bath or inhaling steam through your nose. The warm steam will help in loosening cavities and eliminating the mucus accumulated in your nose altogether. The right temperature to achieve this is when the steam is hot enough to fog your mirror. Another method is to use a towel soaked in hot water and press it in the areas where you feel pressure. 20-30 minutes of doing this will do the trick!
  • Drink plenty of water and rehydrate yourself – warm beverages like tea and warm milk helps dilute harden mucus and helps in stimulating the drainage or your nasal cavities giving you a clear path to breathe.
  • Decongestant – are also advisable to help you temporary cure sinus pressure. They can be bought over the counter so you don’t have to ask a doctor for a prescription but remember to use it sparingly.  Read proper instruction in the label before taking anything.
  • Saline spray and neti pots – these are very cheap medications that you can use to help relieve sinus pressure. Saline sprays and the use of neti pots are very safe since it is only salt and hot water solution. These are the perfect methods to clean your nose cavities.

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money for sinus pressure. If you are experiencing sinus pressure for a long time and if the remedy doesn’t give you comfort, it is advisable that you consult a doctor for better diagnostic of your condition.

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