Sinus Pressure During Pregnancy: What Can You Do?

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Pregnancy is a very delicate state that a woman goes through. Not only are their bodies vulnerable but also their babies in their tummies which are why pregnant women should be more careful than everybody. There are a number of medications that pregnant women can’t take so additional precaution is necessary. Being pregnant doesn’t stop sinus pressure from happening so what are the best remedies for sinus pressure during pregnancy?

Saline Spray and solution – saline is a salt and water mixture so it is not harmful for you and your baby. This is an effective way to de-clog your nose and to eliminate irritation in your nasal passageway. When you use a saline spray, rather than the pill form, it provides instant comfort and it also removes the dirt and helps in killing bacteria in the area. Saline sprays are not addictive like other medicated nasal spray so it is safe plus you can use it anytime you want and anytime you see it deem necessary.

Neti Pot and nasal irrigation– neti pots are somewhat similar to a gravy boat. Actually it looks just like it so what are you going to do with this you might ask? A neti pot is effective in using to cleaning your nose. It is sold in any supermarket or specialty store that you favor. What you do is to mix a solution of warm water with salt and a pinch of baking soda. You tilt your head slightly to one angle, and because of the narrow spout of the pot, it is easier for the solution to drop on the other side of the nose bringing the dirt and bacteria together as it pours out. If you are not comfortable or if you are having a difficult time using a neti pot, use a squeeze type nasal irrigator instead. You can purchase it as well anywhere so you won’t have a difficult time looking for one. Perform this as many times as you want. This practice is safe and effective way to prevent sinus pressure from occurring in the future.

Steam – another effective remedy for sinus pressure during pregnancy is to inhale steam. There is various ways to achieve this goal and the easiest is to take a warm bath in your bathroom. Warm enough to fog your mirror but safe enough not to burn your skin. Inhale the steam from your bath, it is also advisable that you use a few drops of eucalyptus oil or other “menthol” based oil because the cooling effect of the oil helps in loosening the tight cavities of your nose. Another way to achieve this is to use a basin filled with warm water and inhaling the smoke directly.

Humidifier – creating a clean environment is also a great way to prevent sinus pressure during pregnancy. A humidifier helps in cleaning the air that you breathe giving you a fresher environment to live in. A humidifier also helps in keeping the moisture in the air. Always remember to clean the machine whenever you can. Change the water and replace the filter whenever you see fit.

There are various medications allowed and found safe for pregnant women to take but as much as possible we don’t want to introduce any chemicals in your body while you are pregnant. If the condition persist, it is best to consult your doctor and stop self medicating. It is also advisable that you eat healthy, exercise whenever you can and always maintain and clean living environment. Talk to your friends and family who smoke or use products that can contaminate the air that you breathe. Prevention is always better than cure as they said. Remember all the tips and you will surely reduce the experience of sinus pressure during pregnancy.

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