The Causes Behind Sinus Pressure

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Do you experience aches in various areas in your face combines with a feeling of pressure around the nose area? Do you have runny nose, headaches and watery eyes? If you answered yes to the entire question then you are experiencing intense sinus pressure. What is sinus pressure and what are the causes of this? What are the various remedies and medications available to help relieve the intense sinus pressure?

First of all, what is a sinus? Sinuses are the air cavities where air passage. They are located in the nose areas that are connected to the face. This is the area where air comes in and out in your body. Actually there are four different sinus cavities located in your facial area:

  1. Frontal sinuses – which is located above the eyes, near the eyebrows near the forehead.
  2. Ethmoid sinuses – this is the sinus located at the root of the nose, near the eyes.
  3. Maxillary sinus – this is the sinus which can be found around your cheek bones.
  4. Sphenoid sinuses – sinus that is located at the back of the ethmoid sinuses and is deep within the skull.

Sinuses are very effective in helping a person breathe easily. Another task of the sinuses is that they filter the air that we breathe, eliminating unwanted air particles. Do not confuse sinuses with sinusitis because the later is the condition and the former is the part of the nose.

So what triggers intense sinus pressure and what are the symptoms that a person encounters? There are various elements and contributors that cause intense sinus pressure like:

  • Viruses – this is very common and when one catches a virus, the air passageway becomes vulnerable and weak. Our protection against harmful bacteria when one catches a virus is so minimal which is why our nose experience headaches and intense sinus pressure immediately.
  • Allergies – this can either be caused by a number of factors but when one has allergies, the nasal cavities becomes congested and irritated causing the buildup in mucus and phlegm. When that happens, one experience pressure in the facial and nose areas.
  • Smoking – whether you are a regular smoker or inhale smoke from second hand smoking, your nose will most likely be irritated and swell. Cigarettes are very harmful in our body plus it introduces dirty air inside which causes difficulty in breathing and congestion of the lungs and the nose.
  • Infection
  • Air dryness and dampness

How to relieve intense sinus pressure and what are the various remedies and ways to help eliminate sinus pressure? There are various ways to help a person with intense sinus pressure, both medicinal and home remedies such as:

Steam and vapor – either one takes a warm bath or use a basin with warm water and inhale the steam and hot air from the water to help de-clog harden mucus and phlegm accumulated in the nasal area. This is the easiest and quickest way to relieve intense sinus pressure plus it doesn’t cost anything.

Antibiotics and Antihistamine – are over the counter drugs which you can purchase in any drug stores. They are very cheap and they are quick in helping relieve the pressure and other symptoms when one encounters intense sinus pressure. These are the best medicines for viruses, bacteria and infections.

Inhalers and humidifiers – also another cheap remedy are inhalers. They will help loosen the harden mucus and phlegm accumulated in your sinus. These are very easy to use and very safe for both adults and children.

Another way to help you with sinus pressure is frequent massages in the areas that you experience aches and drink a lot of water or tea. Intense sinus pressure is very irritating and painful especially if you are experiencing it for more than a week. If you still experience intense sinus pressure for more than two weeks, it is best to consult your doctors.

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