The Truth About Sinus Pressure and Eye Pain

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Do you feel the tingling sensation when you have colds? Are you suffering from headache while you are having an allergy attack?  Are you diagnosed of having an allergic rhinitis and always feel that pain that comes inside the pain. For most people who have been suffering headaches and who felt that pain coming inside their eye, they must be thinking that they have some problems with their eye. In reality, there is little that is related to your eye with this pain. The truth is that it has something t do with your sinus pressures and how it affects your eyes. For this reason, the main cause of that illness is nothing to do with your eyes but with your sinus pressure.

If you are a person who always suffers from any allergic attacks, you have a higher chance of getting eye pain. This is due to the fact that your eyes are nearer your sinuses. With this, it will be able to give you much pain to your eyes or perhaps you might feel those throbbing headaches. This is just one of the reasons you have those painful feelings.

All of these painful sensation stems from your sinuses. As your sinuses are just way below your eyes, you can feel the connection between your eyes and your sinuses. In this way, you will be able to get that bothersome feeling.

So how were you able to feel that eye pain?  Your sinuses are the site of the production of mucous. The mucous are your natural body protection. It get rids of any objects that are alien to the body away from your nasal passage. It is one way of keeping away harmful particles from your air passage as it air goes through the lungs. Through this, it will keep your lungs healthy and free from any harmful objects.

When you get colds, it usually affects the upper respiratory. This means that your nasal cavities and are infected with viruses. Since your sinuses are the protectors of your body, mucous will be produced. However, too much mucous production can also swollen your sinuses. As the tissues near your sinuses swell, you can feel the pressure near your eye socket. This is where the pain of your eyes occur when you have sinus pressures.

This will also explain why some people might be feeling the pain and throbbing headache while they have colds.

This is also the same with people who have allergic rhinitis. People who are suffering from this kind of allergy tend to have swollen sinuses just in a single contact of any forms of particle. As the sinuses tissues swell in any contact of fine particles, this will create a lot of mucous inside the sinus and thus creating a throbbing pain for the allergic people.

A natural way of getting rid this throbbing eye pain is to use the hot water vapor treatment. Through this, it will eliminate the clogging in your sinuses. Also, hot water in take will help as the pharynx and the upper nasal cavities are interconnected so that the hot vapors will travel through the sinuses and decongest the sinuses of any mucous.

For those who have been allergic to dust and any small particles, it is advisable to stay away from any dusty place. Also, cleaning in the surroundings is necessary to avoid any contact of small particles.


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