Varieties of Sinus Pressure Treatment

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If your sinuses are infected or irritated, it can lead to sinus pressure, soreness, congestion and also a nasty runny nose.  Sinus pressure treatment involves getting rid of up any infections that may be there, reducing the inflammation, and lessening the congestion. There are many ways that this can be done and if the problem is not to severe you can try some simple home remedies or go to the pharmacy and choose from a wide range of over the counter non prescription medications and cures. Some of these are very effective at sinus pressure treatment and will do a very good job. Do not hesitate, however, to go and visit your doctor if you find that the problem is not going away or is getting worse.

Increasing contact with warm and humid air can be a successful way of relieving sinus pressure.  This is due to the fact that dry air irritates the sinuses and makes the mucus thicker. Humid air moistens the mucus so it can be an easy and effective sinus pressure treatment.  Other things can be done to apply warmth and moisture to the sinuses. Putting a warm damp cloth against the face a few times a day can be very effective, as can and having a hot bath or shower and breathing in the steamy atmosphere.  Activating a humidifier in your room at night to increase the moisture in the air will also help to reduce the sinus pressure. This is a particularly good idea because the pressure can build up over night through the lack of movement and build up of mucus.  Staying well hydrated can also help to prevent further irritation.

A Neti pot is one natural cure for sinus pressure treatment.  A Neti pot is used to cleanse the nasal cavity, clean out the nasal passages and keep them moisturized and help to reduce the pressure. A solution of warm water and salt is mixed and then dripped into one nostril, through the nasal cavity, and out of the other nostril.  The regular use of a Neti pot can be successful at reducing the sinus pressure by moisturizing the inside of the nose and stopping the mucus from getting thicker. Nasal spray decongestants can also be efficient at giving relief from sinus pressure.  It is true; however, that extended use of nasal sprays may worsen sinus pressure and congestion and actually make the condition worse.  Some over the counter antihistamines can cause dryness in the mouth and nose letting the mucus to thicken so you need to be careful you do not over use these.

The sinus pressure treatment for relieving sinus pressure can be achieved by making sure the airways are moisturized, the use of a Neti pot, keeping the use of decongestants to a minimum, and taking antibiotics if prescribed by your doctor. When sinus pressure gets too bad or is not getting better then you need to consult your doctor immediately. If you do not it can get out of control and lead to serious problems. But this does not mean you cannot do things to help yourself in the early stages and your intervention may stop you having to go to the doctor and get a prescription of antibiotics. Between the natural remedies you can try and the many options available at the pharmacy you have lots of possibilities. There is a good chance that proactive self treatment will be successful. As well as medication there are also exercises you can do to open your sinuses and clear your passages, these can work well in conjunction with some of the natural remedies.

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