Causes of Acute Sinusitis

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Have you ever been stuck in a sticky situation? A situation wherein you experience difficulty in breathing because it feels like there is a gooey substance that is interfering with your breathing pathway? It feels like something’s obstructing or there is a congestion that makes it hard for you to breathe through your nose?

Don’t panic! This is just a case of acute sinusitis. Also known as acute rhinosinusitis, this medical condition happens when the cavities along our nasal passages are swollen and inflamed. This irregularity interferes with our internal drainage system and causes more mucus to build up. Aside from experiencing difficulty in breathing through your nose, acute sinusitis can also make your eyes and face feel swollen. You may also feel throbbing facial pain and intolerable headache.

Acute sinusitis is a very painful and difficult condition. It greatly affects our performance in our everyday tasks and routine. This is why it is very important to know the root cause of this painstaking ailment. Knowing the causes will not only help us prevent acute sinusitis, it can also help us understand the right treatment plan for each situation. Always remember that the treatment of acute sinusitis is all dependent on the cause. More often, we could use home remedies to treat acute sinusitis. This is why it is important that we know the cause so that we could prescribe the right remedy for our situation.

Most cases of acute sinusitis is caused by the common cold. There are also some instances wherein bacteria, allergy, and other fungal infection are involved with our acute sinusitis. If you want to know more about the causes of acute sinusitis, you found the right piece! This article will supply you with everything you need to know about the cause of acute sinusitis.

First off, you have to understand that when you have acute sinusitis the mucus in your nose, throat, and sinus cavity are all swollen. This obstructs your breathing pathway and makes it difficult for you to drain the mucus normally and breathe. Also, blocked sinus cavity is a perfect breeding ground for infection. It can’t drain itself and thus becoming moister. Your sinus cavity becomes pus filled and thus giving you a thick, yellow or greenish discharge and other symptoms of acute sinusitis.

There are three main causes of acute sinusitis. Usually, it is a viral infection that is caused by a common cold. But if it persists for seven to 10 days, then it is more likely that it is bacteria that cause your acute sinusitis. The most dangerous cause of acute sinusitis is the fungal infection. This means that you either have sinus abnormalities or a weakened immune system.

Aside from the three main causes of acute sinusitis mentioned above, you should also be extra cautious when you have some of these health conditions since it can make you more at risk in developing acute sinusitis!

For one, allergies such as hay fever can increase the inflammation in your sinus cavity that may cause acute sinusitis. The presence of nasal polyps or tumors can also block your nasal passages. If you also have a deviated or crooked septum (the wall dividing your nostrils), then you are more prone to sinusitis because of it can block your sinus passages.

You should also be on the look-out when it comes to your tooth infection. It should not be taken for granted since aside from the discomfort, it is also proven to cause acute sinusitis! When your children have enlarged or infected adenoids, you should seek medical condition since these adenoids are located in the upper back part of the throat and may trigger acute sinusitis.

Other medical conditions that may cause acute sinusitis includes cystic fibrosis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or immune system disorders that may block your sinus cavity and increase the risk of infection.

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