Effective Treatment for Ethmoid Sinusitis: Drug Treatment and Surgical Procedures

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Sinus infection, also known as sinusitis usually occurs when nasal passages, along with the sinuses, become inflamed caused by viruses or bacteria. The air – filled spaces located within the bone in and around the nose are infected leading to the swelling of the mucus membranes that reside on the sinuses. An inflammation of the frontal sinuses cause extreme pain, pressure around the eyes and nose and headache, which are the most common signs of ethmoid sinusitis.

The Assessment for Ethmoid Sinus Disease

Just in any case, a thorough physical assessment using a standard examination tool is essential. Laboratory examination specifically White Blood Cells should be monitored. One diagnostic exam used is the Nasal Endoscopic Examination conducted to complete and conclude the diagnosis of the disease. The said endoscopic exam thoroughly examines the nasal mucus, polyps, tumors and other foreign bodies.

The Drug Treatment for Ethmoid Sinus Disease 

Decongestants are effective remedy to clear the airways. Amongst the known efficient and effective ethmoid sinus decongestants include Naphcon, Afrin, Neo –Synephrine and Forte. These decongestants primarily work to clear the airways but for specific cases such as ethmoid sinus diseases which are significantly caused by bacteria, antibiotics are also recommended. 

Higher generation antibiotics such as the synthetic penicillin are also suggested to battle against a specific microorganism. Antibiotic brands covered by penicillin include Polymox, Amoxil and Trimox. You can guarantee the best medicinal drug to treat ethmoid sinus disease. But you must take into consideration those individuals with allergic reaction on Penicillin medicinal drugs. Instead, pharmaceutical experts recommend trimethoprim or sulfamethoxazole. Besides these, it is vital to seek medical consultation before taking any of these medicines. You will be given specific prescription drugs with a particular dose, dosage and frequency.

The Surgical Procedures for Ethmoid Sinus Disease

Aside from medicinal therapy, surgical procedures are also obligated for those with severe cases. These two are the only available means to cure ethmoid sinusitis. These health interventions are ways to decrease the inflammatory processes and mucosal edema. It will also lessen the pain and fight the infection. If the medical intervention does not need any surgical treatment, there are approaches that could be done which are as follows:

  • external ethmoidectomy,
  • intranasal ethmoidectomy
  •  transantral ethmoidectomy.

Should there be a need for surgery or maybe not, this will depend on the progress and advancement of the disease and the physician or surgeon’s decision with of course the consent of the patient. A combination of two ethmoidectomy may be suggested on discretion of the surgical expert. To monitor the recovery condition of the patient’s sinusitis, regular check – ups post surgery is very important. To note, there is around 46 – 98 percent success rate of the removal of the ethmoid sinus known as ethmoidectomy.

Other Treatments

Aside from an enormous over-the-counter decongestions and pain killers available to provide relief from ethmoid sinus infections which are available in the form of tablets or sprays, there are also home remedies for ethmoid sinus infections like a cold/hot compress, jalapeno pepper, ripe grape juice, and many others. These interventions may provide effective relief from ethmoid sinus symptoms. But for acute or chronic ethmoid sinusitis, it necessitates continuous treatment from a certified specialist.

So, if you are currently experiencing some of the symptoms of ethmoid sinus disease, you should consult a doctor or a licensed health care practitioner to get the right assessment, exact diagnosis and treatment. Ethmoid Sinusitis and the signs and symptoms associated with it can be enormously painful, infuriating, uncomfortable and incapacitating. But luckily, with the high – end technology and thorough research – investigation of some experts, effective treatments are readily available.

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