Home Remedies for Sinusitis

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There are several ways for treating sinusitis. Home remedies for sinusitis are very famous among the patients. Home remedies are cheap, simple, and most importantly, the ingredients can be easily found in our daily menus.

The most popular home remedy is the apple cider vinegar (ACV). The thick mucus trapped in the sinuses is the biggest problem in treating sinusitis infection. Apple cider vinegar helps to thin the mucus, thus enhancing other treatments to work more efficiently. ACV gives almost instant impact in loosening the sinuses. This tonic is also useful in suppressing the over-production of histamine, a substance released as a response of allergic reaction. ACV has very sour taste so people don’t usually drink it directly. Mix ACV with water before drinking it and make sure that your stomach is not empty. Some people have also proven that inhaling ACV steam gives the same effect as drinking it.

Cayenne pepper has great effect on loosening the congestion. Many people testified that this stuff really help them against sinusitis. The taste, though, is not favorable, so people used to take drink cayenne pepper extract in a mixture with other ingredients such as honey and lemon. Addition of vitamin C in the mixture may also help to spread cayenne extract on mucus membrane. Oregano oil promotes more or less the same effect as cayenne pepper. This oil can be swabbed over the nostrils and helps expelling the mucus out of the sinuses. Some people may avoid these two ingredients because both cayenne pepper and oregano oil are hot and give burning sensation.

Grapefruit seed extract is a good aid in drawing out the mucus from sinuses. Many people use this remedy by mixing a few drops of grapefruit seed extract with the saline water used for irrigating the nostrils. Some also drink it in a mixture with water (it is too bitter to be taken alone without water). Grapefruit seed extract is also trusted to relieve the headaches.

Some herbs from the kitchen can be used in treating sinusitis. Garlic and onion are good decongestants. They released strong aroma when chewed which helps to open the air passage. For some people, these two remedies taste horrible, so they create an alternative way by inhaling the fragrance of crushed or boiled garlic and onion. Ginger extract is a big help in fighting sinusitis. It gives warm sensation in the throat and helps loosening the mucus. Both ginger and garlic are known for their antibacterial property, making them good aids in suppressing sinus infections. Fresh basil extract may also help reduces inflammation, thus allowing the nasal tubes to open an airway to breath. Another useful herb is thyme. Thyme extract has antibacterial property, thus helps to fight the infection in the sinuses. Inhaling fragrance released by black cumin seeds can also help loosening the nasal congestion.

The home remedies mentioned above are useful in fighting sinusitis. Meanwhile, there are also some goods that need to be avoided for sinusitis patients. Junk foods and anything oily can stimulate more mucus production and stuffing the sinuses even more, so this kind of foods should be avoided. Milk and any kinds of dairy products are also need to be avoided as they can worsen the congestion and making it hard to breathe. Sweets may also stimulate excessive mucus production, so make sure that they are not included in your meal.

All the stuff mentioned above are the most common home remedies for sinusitis. They are also great for maintaining our daily health or preventing the recurrence of sinus infection. Many people used these remedies whenever the sinusitis symptoms begin to appear. By taking these home remedies at the early phase of infection, people managed to avoid sinusitis recurring.

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