Home Treatment for Sinusitis

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Sinusitis is a very common respiratory disease in the world. People who suffer from sinusitis will have swollen, infected sinuses covered by great amounts of bacteria-filled mucus. Sinusitis promotes some painful symptoms such as headache, nasal congestion, and other flu-like symptoms. To cure this disease, antibiotics and nasal sprays are often preferred. Surgery can be the last option if the sinusitis is more severe. Obviously, these kinds of treatments are not good choices for the patients. Antibiotics and nasal sprays can cause dependency and resistance, while surgery might be the most risky way in treating sinusitis. In spite of these reasons, medical treatments are also expensive. These lead to the invention of home treatments. Home treatments are much safer, cheaper and easier to be implemented at home.

To treat sinusitis, there are three steps that need to be done. The first is to reduce the headaches or migraines. This, in my opinion, needs to be done first because these painful side-effects are the biggest obstacles in doing normal activities. There are several ways to reduce the headaches. Compressing the forehead with cold water while lying in the bed will help to reduce the pain. Remember that people who suffer from sinusitis are also sensitive to intense lights, so don’t forget to turn off the light. Some people believe that grapes juice may also reduce migraine. In places like India, traditional ingredients are also beneficial in relieving headaches. They make some kind of paste by mixing ginger or cinnamon with water and spread them on the forehead. Some also believe that soaking the feet in hot water may also help against the headaches.

The second step is clearing up the sinuses. In case of sinusitis, the sinus-cavities are blocked by thick and infectious mucus. This will lead to nasal congestion and make the patients hard to breathe. There are also some useful tips to help the sinusitis patients get rid of the mucus. Hydration is very effective in loosening the thick mucus. Heat from steam can also thin the mucus. Some people also said that exposing their face with hot shower gives quite significant effect in loosening their congestion. In reversal, cold air makes the congestion even worse, so when you suffer from sinusitis; try to avoid cold weather or drinking cold beverages. Blowing your nose forcefully would only make the infection worse. There could be internal bleeding and pain from the sinuses. Besides, blowing the nose with too much power could even send the mucus back to the sinuses.

When the first two steps have been done, we can move on to the last step – control and prevention. This step is crucial for avoiding the recurrence of this disease. To do this, we must first know what causes the sinus infection. Some may get sinusitis from allergic reactions while others get this disease from microbial infections. If the sinusitis is caused by allergy, then we must trace back the allergy-history in order to find out what substances cause the reaction. Avoiding the allergen would be much easier when we know exactly what it is. Smokes, dust, and other air-borne chemicals can also cause sinus infection. So, the best way to keep the respiratory system clean is by keeping our environment clean. Smoke from cigarettes is also considered harmful to our respiratory tract. The last thing (but not the least) we can do to prevent sinusitis is keeping our body in a good shape. Infections, whatever the cause is, wouldn’t be a big problem if we have strong immunity. Basically, sinusitis may be cured by home treatments, especially if we have strong immune system.

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