Remedies for Headaches from Sinusitis

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Have you ever experienced a headache that feels like something is building up inside your head and everything feels like congested? Have you ever felt throbbing pain wherein pressure is greatly felt around your eyes, temple, cheeks, teeth, and forehead? If you answered yes in these questions, then you might be experiencing headache from sinusitis!

Our sinus consists of hollow and air-filled cavities in our heads. It is connected to our nose through small opening called ostia. When you have the common colds or an allergy, our sinus cavity becomes infected and the mucus inside it becomes swollen. The mucus membrane will be inflamed it will block our breathing pathway and the drainage of the excess mucus! The same thing goes for the ducts that connect our sinuses at the back of our nose when it became inflamed. The said instances increase mucus and decrease the ability of your sinuses to drain it. Eventually, such scenario creates the pressure in our head. That exactly is the painful headache from sinusitis that we are feeling.

Headache from sinusitis can come with pain in the upper teeth. It can also come with fatigue, fever, and the chills. There are also some cases when we will see our face swelling!

Almost all of us have already experienced headache from sinusitis once in our lives. Some of us may experience a very intense or long sinus headache. There are different levels of headache from sinusitis depending on the location of our swollen sinus cavity and the extent by which it was inflamed. It can vary from minor nagging pain in the head region to a kind of headache that we can hardly tolerate. It can already disrupt our daily activities and even worse our sleep!

Headache from sinusitis can come from common colds and allergy. It can also be a result of a development of a sinus infection that may cause swelling and congestion in our nasal cavity. Cases of headache from sinusitis multiply during the cold weather of fall or winter. Since it is during this time that we can easily catch allergens, secondhand smoke, and other environmental factors that may trigger the headache from sinusitis.

If you are already feeling the headache from sinusitis, it is best that you avoid bending forward or lying down since it can worsen your condition. It is also found that headache from sinusitis can be an offshoot of allergic rhinitis and other respiratory infections.

It is a good thing that headache from sinusitis is not at all a lost cause. In fact, you can easily deal with the pain through these easy steps. It will be helpful if you can readily identify which sinus cavity is infected by locating the pain and pressure that you are experiencing. You should do something about your sinusitis by reducing the mucus membrane inflammation. Make sure that there are no trapped or blocked mucus in your sinus cavities.

It would also help if you will take decongestants, antibiotics, or antihistamine to relieve the pain for quite some time. Although an allergy does not really cause sinusitis, it can still add to the sinus congestion. As we all know such congestion greatly contribute to your headache. So, we have to do something about it.

Taking up pain relievers and vasoconstrictors to cure nasal congestion can also help. Corticosteroids can also make you feel better since it can decrease the inflammation.

We should also take extra precaution in taking decongestants to solve our headache from sinusitis. If it is not really a sinus headache, decongestants can make your headache worse! Decongestants play an important role in constricting our blood vessels that cause headache pain. So, it is best that you check with your doctor first before taking in some medications.

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