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Sinusitis is a very discomforting disease. It brings out symptoms like headache, migraine, cough, and nasal congestion. These symptoms are similar to flu symptoms, only in more severe and painful way. There are some medical treatments, such as antibiotics or surgery, available for sinusitis patients, but most people prefer to avoid them. Antibiotics may result in resistance and surgery cost is surely expensive. Nowadays, people turn to sinusitis natural treatments. Natural treatments are considered safer and promote no side effects.

When talking about sinusitis natural treatment, what crosses my mind is how we can treat sinusitis without the use of chemicals and drugs. There are some methods and natural remedies commonly used in treating sinusitis. There will be more detailed explanation about home remedies on other article so; here I’ll just focus on the methods and natural substances like vitamins.

Massage and acupressure are very famous in china. They use these methods to relieve sinusitis symptoms like headaches. The massage technique consists of three steps. The first step is the nose rub. Warm the palms by rubbing both hands together, and use one of the palms to rub the nose tip. Do the rubbing in circular movement and then reverse the direction after 15-20 cycles. The next step is the head acupressure. Press and rub the two points connecting the skull and neck at the backside. Rubbing these points for around 2 minutes would relieve the headache. The third point of acupressure located in around 1.5 inch from the edge of palm webbing that connects the thumb and fore finger.

Aromatherapy can also be used to relieve nasal congestion. Natural volatile substances contained in eucalyptus oil work as decongestant. Combine this substances with moist-steam by heating the mix of water and eucalyptus oil. Inhaling the steam produced has been proven to help loosening the congestion. Other natural decongestants like wasabi or horseradish can be included in the meal and will give the same decongesting effect.

Another method commonly used as sinusitis natural treatment is the nasal rinsing (irrigation). The idea is to flush the mucus out of the sinuses using isotonic solutions. Usually, salt-water solution is used to rinse the sinuses. Traditionally, salt water is also believed to have anti-bacterial property. The solution is irrigated from one nostril and escape through the other. To do this method, we’re going to need an instrument called the ‘neti pot’. Other instrument like air filter is often used to purify the air from allergens and pollutants that can make the sinus infection worse.

Organic supplements can also help treating sinusitis. Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy mucus membranes while vitamin C keeps our body fit. Well-shaped body systems could surely give positive impact in immune system, thus enhancing healing progress. This makes vitamin C a very good supplement in recovery processes.

Some natural substances found in daily foods can also help in fighting sinusitis. Quercetin, a bioflavonoid substance contained in apples and red onions skin, has been reported to have anti inflammatory property against the sinus infection. This substance works by inhibiting the immune cells from producing excess histamine, thus suppressing the mucus production in the sinuses.  Quercetin may also boost our immune-system, promoting faster recovery from sinusitis.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a modification of cysteine amino acid, is known to have antioxidant and antiviral property. Sinusitis is commonly caused by viral infection, so this kind of substances can surely help curing this disease. This substance may also help flushing out the mucus by thinning it. Bromelain, another substance that may help against sinus infection, is a type of enzyme. It has the ability to repress the swelling and reduce the inflammation in the sinuses.

All the supplements and methods above are particularly considered as sinusitis natural treatments. Since no chemicals are used in these treatments, I can say that they promote no or little side effects. So, if you have sinusitis and want to avoid drugs and chemicals, these natural treatments are worth the try.

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