The Wonders of Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis

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What do you know about ayurvedic medicine? Are they really helpful in treating and curing sinusitis? Within this article you will find out the main concept of ayurveda or ayurvedic medicines and how it greatly affects your sinus problem that keeps coming back.

Ayurveda is derived from an ancient writing which means a complete knowledge about long life. This treatment is said to originate from India. Numerous people are now using this remedy as their alternative sinusitis reliever. Ayurvedic process concentrates mainly in the sinusitis without any known side effect. India has been using this kind of treatment for years. Most of these herbal medications are created and produced mainly fromshad bindu taila, nardia, jeevandhara, septilin, and many more.

Ayurvedic treatment or management is considered as curative, promotes health and self nutritive process of healing your sinus problem. According to studies, ayurdeva have two main goals namely:

Swasthyas swasthya rakshanam
-which means prolonging and promoting a perfect and wonderful life (adding more to your life); and

Aturasya vicar prashamanamcha
-signifies total removal of any sickness and/or diseases together with any problem of the entire body.

These two principles of ayurveda (ayurvedic treatment) give relief to your problem concentrating in the restoration of the body’s wellness and synchronization back to normal. According to ayurvedic treatment, sinusitis is termed as Peenas or Dushta Pratishtaya in other term (an irritation or swelling and infection over the nasal area). This condition brought about by the inflammation depends on the body’s ability to adopt which is termed as doshas. The symptoms of sinusitis can be cured by ayurvedic treatment. Possible cause of these symptoms may include lowered immunity, imbalanced food diet, biological problem, inappropriate nutrition and digestion of foods, toxin build up, mental as well as physical stress. Under these conditions symptoms such as headache, clogged nose, nasal discharges, sneezing episodes, tenderness, irritation and swelling somewhere over the nasal area can be cured.

Here are some of the therapeutic methods under ayurveda:

Massage ala Ayurveda (for sinusitis)
-Snehana or oil massage is one of the ayurveda’s helpful method in relieving sinusitis. Therapists uses of Mahanarayan oil, Sesame oil or even Narayana oil for this specific massage. They say that massaging helps to avoid the formation of the Kapha over the facial area and helps to relax the vata dosha.

Nasya Method
-With this method the therapist will have to apply the medicinal oil to both of your nostrils. This is also found very effective against sinusitis

These are some of the methods under ayurvedic treatment. However, the treatment alone cannot cure your sinusitis unless you perform change with your lifestyle such as:

-Eating more vegetables instead of eating only dairy products.

-Start drinking hot water that will help you with your sinusitis for this will serve as decongestant and relieve your sinus pressure.

-Inhalation of eucalyptus oil will greatly improve your condition against sinusitis attacks.

– Try to increase your intake of warm and dry foods.

-Manage to avoid wintry climate

-Increase your fluid intake

-Consume as much fruits as you can like pears. However, citrus fruits like pineapple and oranges should be avoided.

-Avoid dairy products

-Participate in yoga classes

-Stay away from eating fatty and frozen foods

-Stop smoking (if you’re a smoker)

-If irritated with perfumes, stop using them.

-Use tulasi and turmeric (herbal meds) as your inhalants for your daily use

-Make use of Anu oil for application in your nostril

In addition to these lifestyle changes that you should take, here are some of the Ayurveda techniques to relieve you sinusitis.

  1. You should ingest foods that are neither hot nor cold. You must follow a nutritional diet based on Prana Vata and Shleshaka Kapha (based on Ayurveda). Ideally, the food that you should take must be light to stomach and can easily be digested.
  2. You are advised to eat spicy foods like turmeric, fennel, ginger, and black pepper which are cooked and grounded to powder form.
  3. Add spice to your daily fluid intake. Also try to increase your fluid ingestion. This will help you detoxify your sinuses as well as cleanse them.
  4. Eat lots of organic fruits. However, sour fruits should be avoided for the reason that it may irritate your stomach and may cause digestive imbalance.
  5. Make it a habit to do bowel movement for this will also help your body to be cleansed.
  6. Last but not the least; you have to consult to an Ayurveda Doctor for the treatment of your sinusitis

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